How many members have joined the Seedclub? And How many projects have successfully launched and received their CLUB tokens?


Started as a DAO, Seed Club is a growing family of creators, mentors and operators building the future of community. It is responsible for many of the leading social initiatives you see today, and is quickly becoming a braintrust for those driving a new wave of community-focused adoption.[1]

Charts and Analysis:

  1. There are currently 37.32K members joined in the Seed Club.
  2. The total $CLUB claimed is 219.84K

The total number of members joined each week.



Find the most interesting tokens on harmony and explain why they are most used tokens by providing insights.

In the following, we will examine these observations:

  1. The most interesting token on harmony by calculating trading volume.
  2. Distribution of trading volume with different ranges

The most interesting tokens on harmony

Here is the visual that shows the most interesting tokens on harmony ecosystem by trading volume: