I Wish Vinod Khosla Could Write A Decent Essay
Nandini Jammi

Non-professional undergraduate education needs a new system that teaches students how to learn and judge using the scientific process on issues relating to science, society, and business.

With the modern tools, why can’t technology ideate a new system that empowers the the ‘non-professional’ student and does not make it look like the 18th century?

Why can’t technology come up ideas for a platform where individuals from different disciplines collaborate to create something amazing, helping create multidisciplinary individuals who know about science, society, business and humanities as well?

Your article does justice to the topic.

Saying ‘humanities later’ is the easy way out. Instead we should be asking ourselves — How to create a balanced curriculum for an undergrad? How can technology help every student to learn at 10x speed? Providing him/her time to learn more about other fields as well.

Indian Context

The lack of role models who had a multidisciplinary education also feeds the anti-STEM fear here. I do wish that we tone down the IIT-worship and give commerce and arts some due respect.

I do get a few raised eyebrows(none from my family, thankfully) in India when I mention that I will be studying Human Computer Interaction Design this August. It has topics from Computer Science, Design and Psychology and other fields as well. Typical replies include — Why aren’t you doing an MS in CORE computer science? Were you not good enough? Why are you wasting time and money studying these soft skills? (A very long article would be required to answer those questions)