Flickering Phases of My Life……

Flickering phases

In Life, ‘Flicker’ is something which gives you a light of hope, happiness, and the joy of living to the fullest. We forget to even think about these memories while we are stressed, anxious, and full of doubts, negative feelings, broken hearts, lack of confidence and many more. 
I know it may sound crazy for now, but the days which give you a glimpse of happiness are going to fade and then disappointments. You should understand these are just phases, which tries to teach you a keen observation of those flickered moments for giving a meaning to life.
I ever wondered how one moment makes you forget about all your pain and sorrows. Before I finally realize about this secret of happiness, I realized the true meaning of life, some mix feelings moments and a few time sad moments also. Life is flickering between your happy & sad moments. The only point is when you realized when you actually feel about not so bad life. 
I always wanted to do something different & unique from everyone and every time and every-time my story ended up with a full stop. The moment I decided to not give up, my life slap me hard with destroying the inner peace of mine and that’s where I found myself completely shattered. People who know me start thinking that I am a frustrated person but they all are wrong. Life gives me unique way at every stage of it and by writing poetry pieces either in “Hindi or Urdu”, I try to express things in my words. Words! can not directly going to affect anyone until they liked that stuff or found interest in the same.
Recently, I have met a new person in the city, though I didn’t spend much time in that small conversation, and I heard the full story of his life or the specific part told by him. How happening life could be and how somebody can build their personality after facing many worst experiences of life, still fighting from inside, every day. I Don’t want to give any myth idea to anyone that there would be a fairy tale in your life soon but I can make sure to let one analyze & identify those flickering phases full of glimpse in life. We all have our own different story of life. None of us neither play the role of each other’s lives nor feel their level of struggle or pain.
A Life becomes more relaxing and less troublesome when you switch off its sorrow before leaving the room, where it has more purity around it than ugly dusty spider or stress and a life where it delivers you the light you need and you deliver the care it needs. I hope you’ll carry this wish of mine on your shoulders and keep your promise as I have kept mine.
Until next time…
Your Flickering Phases of life