Baby’s Day Out

Life with my little one is pretty wonderful and lots of fun. Every day, we are learning something new to make our life more joyful (Well, it’s not always joyful — it is lots of hard work and worries). Still, parenting is a true blessing and I am grateful to be a part of this journey except, it is too damn tiring. So it is essential for new moms to get out and have a little fun.

The first 3 months went by taking care of the newborn and it was a cold winter to take her out. We were pretty excited about the summer; still, all of the plans to go out on the weekends hardly worked out. Every week, we make huge plans for the day out yet but baby takes over everything — be it her sleep, nursing, her bath, get her ready, get yourself ready, diaper bag, poop explosion, dealing with babies fuzziness and so on etccccc. All these tiny tasks make us tired like a dog and we always end up home sleeping with our baby. You will be surprised how energetic & loud the tiny one screams.

Life has become very busy and exhausting with the daily activities with the baby. We have pretty much skipped all our weekend plans except the pediatrics visit. At the early doctor visits, we had forgotten to carry the essentials like baby wipes and pacifier. And, we learn a hard lesson every time we miss the necessities. When Ava cries in the car, we pretty much do everything to calm her down and when nothing works, I cry with her. #Mom life. After the four doctor visits, I have learned the following things to make smoother day out,

  • Diapers: Always carry enough diapers in the bag and an extra bag of diapers in the car
  • Baby Wipes: A pack of water wipes in the bag as well in the car. So even if we forget, you will not be in worry at last minute.
  • Changing Sheets: We got the paper changing pad & sheets from the target, it is better to put pad/sheet anywhere you change the babies diaper as you don’t know how is the place where you put your baby down.
  • Pacifier is a must. I keep 2 pacifiers in pacifier case and extras in the car.
  • Extra dresses. Even you are in good summer, I keep one full body dress which can be used if the evening gets colder.
  • Extra clean bottles.
  • Ice pack for milk storage or baby food.
  • Tons of baby napkins.
  • Baby Hat
  • Baby Carrier: Seriously carrier made our life easy, she likes to stay in the carrier so she can look things around.
  • A stroller is always there and we take it with us, even if she is on the carrier.
  • Baby musical toys are the must. Mostly toy keys are a life saver too.
  • and of course, lots of giggles with mom and dad.
  • Last but not the least is her mommy’s funny weird face and voice to make her laugh. lol

Yeah, this is how we have started going out with our cutie pie and this time we made it the Longwood Gardens and Strawberry picking at Media, PA. We were lucky to see the very beautiful musical fountains and my husband simply couldn’t get enough floral photography. Below you can find his best photography attempts of flowers and nature. We did a long forest walk with our precious little one — Can you imagine? we are the parents who used to cry about how we will manage Ava outside. Here we finally made our mini-hike at Longwood Gardens and successfully completed the fruit picking. She was in the baby carrier almost all the time and she was enjoying nature’s beauty with her wide shining eyes.

With a baby, Life is definitely more fun and adventure-packed as long as we take care of few small things. Yes, we are all set to enjoy this beautiful life with the little munchkin. May the God bless us :)

Originally published at DiptiSenthil.