First Halloween and Pumpkin Patch Fun

Ditpi Senthil
Nov 8, 2017 · 4 min read

Festivals are something I look forward to and I love celebrating them. Our everyday life is a routine, festivals enable us to add joy in our life by sharing love and happiness. And of course, also the reason to purchase new dresses, enjoy our favorite foods, decorate our home, spend time with our loved ones, spread more happiness with people around us and document more camera memories to cherish.

Everything is governed by Ava and my time is completely dependent on how much sleep she gets. Ava went bed little early today; I am not tired so thought of making a quick write-up of our Halloween. I have my Halloween candies if required while I write this quick blog.

I came here to America in Dec 2015 but right around the mid-next year (Apr 2016), I was conceived with Ava. So I didn’t get much time from my morning sickness to celebrate Diwali and other festivals. I was sick throughout my entire pregnancy but now here we are in 2017, with our precious baby, she is getting bigger every day and she is learning from me. I have to show her, what happiness is and these small little things are what reflect as real happiness!

This Halloween month, we took Ava to Johnson’s farm for the pumpkin patch. It was completely filled with kids and Ava always enjoys being outdoor. She got her friends pumpkins around and we perfectly kept her between the pumpkins; she was fascinated watching all over with so much joy.

On the sunday, the day before Halloween we celebrated as daddy was home, I wanted to dress her up and let her be something. I was thinking something easy costume for me, my baby and my husband. He wasn’t ready to dress up something funny so we just got the deer antlers from the nearby Walmart and he became a reindeer. Yes, I could not get much time to get dress up something funky so, I just did an easy cat makeup and tied my hair into two high ponytails. That’s it, mom and dad got ready, hey what about my little love, hmmm.

Ava was not in a mood, so she just wore her red and black Micky mouse dress which we got from Target (last min shopping as I thought to design something myself for her). And, that’s how the Mom became cat, daddy became reindeer and our little cutie became one cute Micky mouse.

For actual Halloween evening, I wanted to personally design a dress for Ava. I had this idea to use my short skirt to make her a mermaid but it didn’t workout as she was so wiggly to stay at one place. I ended up wrapping the skirt around her like a princess and a ribbon to hold it up and this is how she became my Halloween little princess. Trust me it was a real struggle for me to take her photos. Somehow, I managed to take few photos and sent it to daddy for preview. The moment he saw the photo at his lunch break, he texted “Oh my god, my little princess! I am coming home to see Ava. I can’t wait” haha. His reaction made my day. He came home early and we enjoyed Halloween evening together.

I think now you may take a look at our Halloween fun.

Thank you.

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