Pine Forest & Ava’s Teething

Sunday Morning, We woke up around 9.30 AM, Pretty late ha. Yeah, the weekend means mama and daddy try to take little more rest until and unless our baby alarm is up. haha. Now, you must have understood why we even got up at 9.30 am — of course, it’s our baby alarm lol. Although on the weekend, I am free of changing the diapers as dad is there to take care of all the poop explosion.

Last Friday, Ava got her first two lower teeth well ahead of schedule and I got to say, teething seriously sucks. Ava has been cranky throughout the last 4–5 days and we hardly could get any sleep. The only thing that kept her calm was taking her out; she loves to stay in daddy’s baby carrier and look around like a baby kangaroo. We had been thinking to take her nearby garden or park; today we decided to go Wharton State Forest, NJ. We family of 3 been there to Wharton pine forest last year as well; Of course, Ava was in my belly then.

We finished our breakfast at Friendly’s and headed to our first mini hike with the big diaper bag.

Babies are very unpredictable esp when you believe, you have figured out this little thing. The weather was pretty hot at 82F and the hike didn’t work out as we anticipated. In 1–2 hours, our little joy yelled at me, Mommy, Let’s go back to home, I already have seen everything here, I am bored. huh. Possibly it was also her teething.

We had to head back home with our little one crying throughout the drive and none of our pitstops helping us. Although, we had a little fun taking pictures on our mini day out. Hiking?? Hopefully, another weekend as Ava is more comfortable.

For her teething pain,We are following few tricks to sooth teething pain-

  1. I bought her few teething toys and I am holding the teether into her mouth, so she could chew and relieve sore gums.
  2. Cold cloth- I keep clean wet washcloths in the fridge for 10 min and then let her chew it.
  3. Massaging her gums with cold washcloths.
  4. Cleaning her gums after feeding to keep her mouth clean.
  5. Taking her to walk (She loves fresh air and I try to do what we enjoys)
  6. Playing with her to distract her from pain. ( We got bunch of colorful toys)
  7. Most important LOVE. Lots of LOVE.

These are simple tricks we use and it helps Ava with her teething phase. Teething is a painful process and You may suffer a lot of sleepless nights while your baby gets a her first teeth. But, when she gives that cute sugar smile, your entire world melts.

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