Deploy your Node.js web application on AWS EC2 instance with Apache web server

AWS Node.js Apache PM2
AWS Node.js Apache PM2

When you are done with your Node.js web application the next big thing you may worry about is “how and where to deploy it?”. There are many ways to deploy a Node.js application. Most people go for managed hosting like Heroku, DigitalOcean, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, etc. But some are adventures and want to manage everything on their own.

In my case, I had an EC2 server with existing Laravel applications running. My goal was to deploy the Node.js application on it without messing the existing Laravel sites and with minimal installs possible. So I decided to use the existing Apache…

A simple and practical introduction to Functional Programming

I was struggling for many months just to understand what really is Functional Programming. I found it very complex and insane in my early days of learning. Then I realise that it was not the problem with functional programming but was mine. I was doing a mistake of learning it heavily comparing with Object Oriented Programming which I am comfortable with. Just like they say “comparing apples and oranges”.

After I realised my mistake, I learned it with a fresh perspective. And surprisingly it was getting into my mind like a magic. Now, I wouldn’t say I am a hardcore…

Create a well structured and automated jQuery plugin development environment with Gulp

In this article, I am trying to explain the step by step process to setup a jQuery Plugin development environment with modern development practice. It will improve the efficiency and maintainability of the project since we can automate tasks like lint, test, build, commit and publish.


You can use the create-jquery-plugin CLI tool to create jQuery Plugins by running npx create-jquery-plugin . Or, you can clone the repository jquery-plugin-boilerplate.

Our aim is to…

  • Create a nicer directory structure for the jQuery Plugin project.
  • Use Gulp to automate tasks lint, transpile, beautify and minimize.

The example project we use for…

Best Practices and Coding Styles to learn to become a better PHP Programmer

We are all good programmers and we know how to write good programs, but there are some hidden things we might have missed in the programming world. Knowing it could help us to improve our code in speed and readability. I would like to point out few tips and practices in PHP that I found useful.

As you know, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely-used, free, efficient, and versatile programming language that allows developers to create dynamic content, basically used for developing web based applications. Let’s dig a little bit deep into it to see how we can improve the…

Handpicked collection of 8 best jQuery Wizard plugins

Wizards are a nice user interface design to lead the users to perform a task in a step by step order like a shopping checkout or user registration screen. Wizards can make a complicated screen divided into simple, small and grouped parts and so effectively simplify the task for the users.

Here we are discussing the best jQuery wizard plugins that can make a nice wizard interface.

1. jQuery Smart Wizard

The awesome jQuery step wizard plugin with Bootstrap support

View · Download · Demo

2. jQuery Wizard

A powerful jQuery plugin for creating step-by-step wizards with bootstrap

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