8 Best jQuery step wizard plugins

Handpicked collection of 8 best jQuery Wizard plugins

Wizards are a nice user interface design to lead the users to perform a task in a step by step order like a shopping checkout or user registration screen. Wizards can make a complicated screen divided into simple, small and grouped parts and so effectively simplify the task for the users.

Here we are discussing the best jQuery wizard plugins that can make a nice wizard interface.

1. jQuery Smart Wizard

The awesome jQuery step wizard plugin with Bootstrap support

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2. jQuery Wizard

A powerful jQuery plugin for creating step-by-step wizards with bootstrap

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3. Multi-Step Form

Multi Step Form with jQuery validation

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4. jQuery Steps

A powerful jQuery wizard plugin that supports accessibility and HTML5

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5. jquery-steps

Lightweight jQuery step wizard plugin.

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6. jWizard

jQuery Plugin for generating a Windows Wizard-like interface for your Web Applications

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7. Twitter Bootstrap Wizard

Builds a wizard out of a formatter tabbable structure

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8. jQuery.wizard

An asynchronous form wizard that supports branching.

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