Introducing ComGo — The Common Good Chain

Happy New Year to all of you from ComGo Team. Today we are excited to introduce ComGo our blockchain based platform for Common Good. What started as a simple concept in 2016 when we the founders pursued a course at MIT, turned into a capstone project and later became a reality when we started our company in Feb 2017.

When we started, we had a simple vision to inspire and motivate people to ‘be’ and ‘do more’ good. We realized that ‘trust’ was key to making it possible and where there was more transparency about the impact there was more trust. We believed that blockchain could not only provide that transparency but also improve the overall accountability and auditability of the common good actions. We decided to build a Common Good platform that can host solutions for various sectors including but not limited to Charity, Food, Pharma and Healthcare.

In May 2017, we started building our first blockchain solution for the Charity sector using IBM’s Hyperledger platform. Today we have our own beta product which is being piloted for our clients in this sector. It is a one-stop cloud based solution which provides digital capabilities powered by blockchain for the core business processes ranging from project inception to closing. Funds can be tracked and activities can be monitored and validated at real time. With enhanced donor relationship management, we are able to transform the experience of each donor who is trying to make an impact. We have developed our point of views for common good solutions in the other sectors.

On Jan 24th 2017, we are hosting an event at the Innovation Hub of BBVA, at Madrid, Spain where we are going to introduce ComGo and conduct a live demo of our Charity product. This event will include a press conference followed by a round table. Look out for more updates about this event in the coming days!


ComGo Team