DirectHome Bounty Campaign

Campaign period runs from 19th Mar 2018, to the end of the ICO or once the bounty budget is finished.

ATTN: All social media bounty has been filled. Thanks for the support! 8 May 2018

We’re growing our DirectHome community! Help us spread the word about our goals, achievements and future development by participating in our bounty program.

It works like this. You help us by talking about DirectHome on social media; writing and sharing an article about our platform on your blog; or translating content from our Whitepaper, ICO website, and videos. In return for expanding the DirectHome community, you’ll earn DIREC tokens.

ATTENTION! No more than 3 retweet or shares per week per person per day. Bounty rewards will be suspended for accounts with activity resembling fake accounts or bots.

The bounty program budget is approximately 1 million DIREC tokens — or 2.5% of distributed tokens. The exchange rate is 1 DIREC Token = 1 USD.

There are six ways to engage and receive rewards. The bounty budget is divided into the following categories:

  • Twitter (20%)
  • Facebook (20%)
  • Article Writing (20%)
  • Give Feedback (20%)
  • Become a DirectHome Friend (15%)
  • Translation (5%)

Bounty program participants are welcome to engage with any combination of these channels and services. The bounty campaign will run until the end of the ICO (TBA), or until the budget has been used, whichever comes first.

Here are THE RULES and REWARDS for each of the six campaign categories:


  • Follow the DirectHome Twitter and earn: 2 DIREC Tokens
  • Retweet and earn: 2 DIREC Tokens per RT if you have fewer than 300 followers; 3 DIREC Tokens per RT if you have 301–999 followers; 4 DIREC Tokens per RT if you have 1000+ followers

Please note, RTs will only earn Direc tokens if the original Tweet is less than a week old. Fill out this form.


  • Follow the DirectHome Facebook page and earn: 2 DIREC Tokens
  • Share one of our Facebook posts to your timeline and earn: 2 DIREC Tokens per Share if you have fewer than 500 friend; 3 DIREC Tokens per Share if you have 501–1500 followers; 4 DIREC Tokens per Share if you have 1500+ followers

Please note, Shares will only earn Direc tokens if the shared post is less than a week old. Fill out this form.


Write and publish an article on Medium, WordPress, or any other public blogging platform and earn: 25 DIREC Tokens. Your blog must have a minimum of 300 followers OR share the article on a Facebook page with a minimum of 1,000 followers. The article must:

  • Be unique content, not copied and pasted from elsewhere
  • Be at least 1,500 characters
  • Contain a link to our ICO website (

Please note, we welcome articles in any language! Fill out this form.

Translation Services

We’re also looking for foreign language translations to help us spread the word about DirectHome to every corner of the planet. In particular, we would love to hear from French, German, Hindi and Dutch writers — but if you are fluent in another language, let us know via the form button below. High quality translations only — copy created with Google Translate will not suffice!

Here are the incentives:

  • Translate the ICO website and earn: 150 DIREC Tokens
  • Translate the DirectHome Whitepaper and earn: 300 DIREC Tokens
  • Translate our video subtitles and earn: 75 DIREC Tokens

To offer your translation services, fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.

Become a Friend

If you prefer to spread your eggs across multiple baskets, our ‘Become a Friend’ campaign is for you. Complete all of the following steps and earn: 2 DIREC Tokens.

  • Like us on Facebook
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Join our Telegram Channel
  • Follow us on Medium

Please note, all steps must be completed before tokens are released. To Become a Friend of DirectHome, fill out this form.

Feedback Campaign

We want your feedback. Mention and link one of DirectHome’s channels in any social media post and earn: 5 DIREC Tokens. To qualify, each post must:

  • Contain at least three sentences
  • Contain a link to one of DirectHome’s channels (website, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Bitcointalk)
  • Be your personal opinion or feedback on DirectHome
  • Be unique content in each media, not copied and pasted
  • Be spaced a week apart from other Feedback posts you make

To earn Feedback rewards, fill out this form.

Acceptance criteria for bounty campaign:

  1. List of participants will be updated once per week
  2. After the ICO is finished and before tokens are distributed, the list of participants will be checked again to ensure that everything is accurate
  3. The max amount which one participant can earn during the ICO campaign is 1,000 DIREC Tokens
  4. If your account activity appears fraudulent (you will be informed), you can contact us and we will resolve the issue quickly. If you are suspected of fraud, you will be removed from the participants list

Get in touch with us:

ATTENTION! Your account can be suspended as a bot/fake on the basis of one of the following infringements (if matched 2+ points below):
-You have 0 friends.
-Your account is less than 6 months old.
-You have many friends/followers but don’t have any activity (likes/shares/comments from the community on your page/group.
-Your account does not use a real name 
-Your profile doesn’t have a photo
-You have many fake followers
-You don’t publish any personal content
-More than 90% of your posts are retweets
-More than 50% of your retweets are about ICO projects
-More than 5 retweets are made per day about different ICOs
-Your account is less than 6 months old
-You have many fake followers
-You don’t publish personal content