Overpopulation of US

Have you ridden a NYC subway train recently? Go to grab lunch during your break at noon and notice the lines are so long it feels like you’re trapped in a condensed can? Have you just stopped to take a look around and see how overpopulated it is? Don’t think it’s because of how awesome your neighborhood is. People are popping out puppies like the world is completely fine.

It seems like most of America still thinks we’re invincible and that this dream of having everything you want is still possible. Well guess what…it is. Just not as big as you’d hope for. Like renting out an Airbnb and noticing how small it actually is, we should be thinking now conservatively.

Our biggest problem is the American mindset or rather the mindset being sold to us by old fart politicians who understand the laws & rules they’ve put into place rather than the long inhumane effects they won’t ever really feel. A privilege that most of us don’t have compared to them and their fat cat friends.

We can call them dumb or morons, but the fact is they have played us. The truth is the mast majority of our population are the true idiots. That’s right. You are the dumb moronic nincompoop who has turned their blind eye to the complete ass thrashing you’re taking.

Don’t worry…strength in numbers, right? I’m no exception. Sure you can call me a hypocrite for talking behind an article, but it’s unfortunate that we shut out those who do speak up. We do this, because we are lazy and hopeless f*cks. Rather than celebrate and push those who are actually doing something good we pat them on the back, tell them good luck, and we get home in time to sit our fat asses down to watch GOT Season 7 premier on a Sunday night. We’d rather watch stories of uprising rather than do it ourselves. God, help us.

But what can we do? How do we be better? Well I don’t have that answer you, apathetic asshole. What do you THINK you should do? Whatever it is please don’t go murdering anyone, because your brain said your cat told you so. That is not the answer. As Obi Wan Kenobi had said:

…trust your feelings

Don’t rely on better leaders, but rather be better people. Your influence on our children and our equals is what creates momentum for a change. Maybe you won’t mind it being so crowded, because maybe then you’ll be amongst friends.