Directorio Artesanal of Puerto Rico

Directorio Artesanal
2 min readJul 27, 2020

¡Bienvenido al Directorio!

The main objective of this new project is to generate connections between artisans from Puerto Rico and buyers inside and outside the country. Online presence is increasingly important. Now with the COVID-19 (coronavirus), there is no other option than to be online to be able to exhibit our Puerto Rican crafts. The Directorio Artesanal is a good step to promote the crafts of Puerto Rico online and we will be looking to work more closely with entities such as the government as well as private organizations to promote Puerto Rican crafts and that will help create a community for all artisans.

Directorio Artesanal de Puerto Rico
Easy to use interface to find artisans from Puerto Rico

It is a very easy to use directory. It will help you find crafts and artisans from Puerto Rico such as the co-creator Alexis Sotomayor from Caribbean Soaps. You are going to save a lot of time in searching the internet to get that Puerto Rican craftsman or crafts that you are looking for. You can even find typical food and drinks, as if you were at a fair!

Caribbean Soaps at Directorio Artesanal de Puerto Rico
You can find hundreds of gifts, souvenirs from Puerto Rico from the hands of artisans to your doorstep.

You can search by keyword, artisan, municipality or category. You will see the list created by the artisan himself as the website was created in a way that they can manage their own content. It contains photos, contact and product information.

Even better, by buying directly from the artisan you can get a fair price for you and the artisan. You will see that there is nothing better than Puerto Rican arts and crafts.

In addition, you will be able to find out when and where there will be craft activities such as artisan fairs and/or festivals. We included an event section that allows users such as artisans or event organizers to enter events. Here we make use of interactive maps and calendars to make it easier to connect to our phones, tablets, etc.

Finally, we added a Blog section called Artisan Voice (Voz Artesanal) in which artisans themselves can write articles about their crafts, story, offer recipes, topics related to Puerto Rico and exposed themselves to the web like many haven’t being able to do before.

As puerto ricans we are proud of our crafts, culture and roots. With this directory we want to make them know the world! Like our slogan says: ¡Descubre tu Artesania! (Discover Your Craft!)