Shooting VR for Ethereum

After the crash of my second start up (I hear you earn your stripes doing that) I set out to create an epic science fiction film with a difference. I wanted it to be one that you could immerse yourself inside of — where you could actually become one of the characters, where audiences could vote on outcomes, and where you could be the star! Even though I’d been shooting fly on the wall documentaries in London, (my last two start ups were both Internet TV plays) I didn’t really know the craft of directing ( who does?)— And even though both start ups has visions for virtual worlds, I definitely didn’t know how to create one. It was 2008, I was living at mum and dads (again), I was broke and borrowing money (again) and I was going out most nights usually without any means to get home. Then one day I saw an ad in the paper ‘Do Masters in Virtual Worlds’ .. So I applied . Eight painful years later I’m ‘Shooting VR for Ethereum’ — but what does that actually mean? How did I get here? What did I learn? What can I confide in you? And what has this got to do with Ethereum?

To tell this story this story Im going to wind the clock continuously back and forward to different times and places — some ways it’s such a hard story to tell (because its riddled a lot of pain and heart ache in most places) . But this story fun, hopefully inspiring — with lots of videos, graphics .. and in the coming weeks maybe even full VR immersion in that science fiction story ! And maybe even a customised VR crypto currency (go figure)

So let’s wind the clock back to November last year .. It’s a good painful place to start.

So it was the day before the VR shoot. 25 paid actors were turning up. The costumes were done, we’d finally found a studio — after being kicked out of another one (that’s another story in itself), the costumes were made, Brian Cobb (my unpaid Producer) and I had pulled every favour known to man to get this far .. AND — we didn’t have a camera! Here’s a video snap shot …