F**K VR (kinda) says Lawnmower Man Director

As the director/co-writer of the Lawnmower Man, which is having its 25th Anniversary celebration at the TriBeCa Film Festival as part of the TriBeCa Games event on April 29th (where I will be speaking) https://tribecafilm.com/games -I would just like to say one thing in my inaugural Medium post:


The term I mean. Fuck Reality. I want Experience.

So I’m now calling it VE (Virtual Experience-which encompasses VR/AR/MR etc.)

VE as a new form of human behavioral perception and interaction is a force of nature…if not it’s own dimension…that is reaching out towards us as we reach towards it —

VE is a psychographic tsunami that will flood the “desert of slow adoption” the current naysayers are so fond of focusing on — VE is more than the gadget ocean, it is a wave of transhuman thought-structure defining the shift in the human/computer interface, that rolls along the surface tension of the tech-stack that enables it. It will be ubiquitous. It is time to create context-thru-content in a transformational process that will set the tone of this new medium — The medium of the Global Human.