10 Habits of Highly Successful People: Habit# 6 — Creating Time

This is what happened:

I have watched highly successful people meet, work, and socialize circles around me, because they were more intentional about their time. They created it — not waited and reacted to what life threw at them.

This is what I started thinking:

How do I focus and get the same results as these highly successful people instead of wasting time/energy reacting to time stressors and stealers?

I adopted these daily routines.

  1. Meditate for Plan Clarity
  2. Schedule Time and Actions
  3. Execute for results

Here are the results

  1. I create time for personal and professional growth
  2. Priorities and Results First
  3. Less stress, more control
  4. I actually enjoy my free time more, because I have more thoughtful planning and higher expectations for outcomes quality.

My typical day begins with meditation, priorities, and then executing for results. My ever increasing personal and professional growth are clear indicators of time well spent creating time.

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