Sacrifice: The Road Less Traveled

Sacrifice takes you down the road of discipline to the door of success, then hands you the key. ~ John St. John #hustle

Sometimes, I feel like a total failure, when I’ve poured every once of passion (down to the dregs) into making my dreams possible. And, only to see the flickering flame of my dreams shrink into a tiny red ember fading in and out of view.

For me, this goes on day and night. I launch a product — no one buys. I post an article and no one responds. It’s torture!!! However, I’m not alone. It’s 10:00PM and I’m posting this blog, because I am taking the road less traveled. I’m taking a chance and sacrificing good years (6 or more) at this point, moving in the direction of my dream, which sometimes feels like a nightmare.

I can’t remember the last time I had a hobby or actually had time to miss one. You see, the pursuit of my passion (helping people find their purpose) is all consuming, because it must hold my full attention and push me to the end of myself, so I can find my best self. Find my best self who will study more, take rejection better, and hone the critical life changing message that’s kicking around in all of us. “No”, not everyone understands what I’m going through, but maybe you do.

One day, soon, naysayers will be mystified when my information products start selling, my face appears on billboards across the nation (the good kind), and my book signings force me to buy a private jet, because I don’t want to disappoint the people, who’ve been waiting 6 or more years for the right message.

A message created by a near-lunatic, who sacrificed just about everything to master a message, so a listener or reader can live a better life — Now! If you are hustling for your passion, be prepared to sacrifice more than you think, to gain more than you could ever imagine.


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