Questions you should ask before giving your house for rent

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After successfully advertising your property and getting a good response from a number of people that are willing to rent it, there arises the question of selecting the one you can entrust with your precious asset.

Selecting the right tenant is very important as it helps you in saving time, money, stress and even any possible misunderstandings that can arise down the line; especially when you haven’t taken your time to know your potential renter.

Always make sure that you treat all the possible tenants in the same way to have a flawless introduction and screening process.

This is a list of different types of questions that can help you get an insight into your possible tenant and thus help in making your decision.


These are most commonly questions asked to someone that wants to shift their house, as no landlord prefers a tenant that is shifting because of a dispute, or has an unreasonable urgency for moving-in. It’s also essential to know for how long they want to rent the house and how many people will be living in it.

Why are you moving?
When do you plan on moving? 
For how long would you want to stay here?
How many people will be living in the apartment?

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These questions will help you in judging whether your potential tenant is a reliable, responsible person and that you can count on them for not letting your investment go waste nor become instead a problem breeder.

Can you submit a copy of your ID proof?
Can I have references from your former landlord?
Have you ever been evicted?
Can you submit a rental application? 
Can you consent a credit check?
Can you make available the security deposit and the first month’s rent upon moving in?


These questions help you predict how punctual can therentermanage to bewhen it comes to handing over the payment regularly. A monthly earning that is 2–3 times the rent amount confirms that yourtenant can easily afford the rent.

Are you employed?
What’s your monthly income?
Can I have references from your employer?
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This set of questions can give you an insight to the nature of the person that will be inhabiting your property and help you predict the health of their relation with you as their landlord and with their future neighborhood and thus avoid complaints regarding the occupants of your house. 
However, you should ensure that personal questions are always respectful and don’t allege any type of discrimination or infringement to one’s privacy. They’re mainly aimed at achieving a good communication.

Can you tell me about your family background?
Do you have any pets?
Can you tell me about your lifestyle?
Do you have a habit of smoking?
Can I view your online profiles?
Can I visit your current house?


It’s only fair enough that the tenants also get the chance of asking you any questions that they might have in mind and expressing their views. As a landlord encouraging them to do so gives scope for a pleasant relation between lessor and lessee.

Are you satisfied with the house or would you like any changes?
Do you have any questions?