Bernie Sanders Should Focus On Healing

I’ve seen Bernie Sanders interviewed several times on television and I’m struck by his apathetic tone regarding this election.

Bernie Sanders should be encouraging his supporters to reach out and hug their fellow Democrats right now. This open airing of grievances and spite toward fellow Progressives hurts more than it helps. (Leaving the Democratic party this quickly is kinda antagonistic but hey — that’s our Bernie.)

The denial of the first female President is a huge loss to many generations of feminists. Bernie Sanders, a champion of civil rights, seems particularly tone deaf regarding the effect this campaign has had on our sisters, mothers, and our culture.

Seriously Bernie — I understand you are promoting a book right now and trying to handpick new leadership of the DNC — but take a minute for some words of healing. Hillary earned more votes than you on the primary and more votes than Tha Donald in the election. Take a little time to LISTEN to the pain of the women you are counting on to support you in four years.

Bernie — this is the most opportune time for you to show what kind of leader you would be. It’s hard for some lifelong Democrats to put trust in a man who abandons the party when it’s convenient for him and to rejoin when he needs the power of the party to stay in office. :/

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