Learning Zebra: A Web Based Interactive Learning and Teaching Tool

Learning Zebra: The Concept


https://learningZebra.com … coming soon to an interweb near you!

What is it?

An interactive learning and teaching tool designed to engage the learner through question answer exercises.

Step 1 — Lesson

Teachers enter the lesson content. Students enter their own notes. Self-learners enter the topic content.

The lesson is optional in the sense that complete lessons or notes can be entered or the lesson can simply state, “See Chapter 4 in the course textbook”.

Step 2 — Questions

Compose questions aimed to help learn the lesson content. Questions have a Difficulty Level from 1 to 10.

Types include:

  • True — False
  • One Two Three Word Answer
  • Short Answer
  • Definitions
  • Multiple Choice
  • Matching

Step 3 — Exercises

Exercises are created based on Difficulty Level and Questions. There is also an ‘Everything Random’ option that gives all questions of all difficulty in a random order.

Exercise options:


  • Select only certain types of questions.
  • Group questions by type or present randomly.

Difficulty Level

  • Above a certain Difficulty Level.
  • Below a certain Difficulty Level.
  • Within a range of Difficulty Levels.
  • Increasing or decreasing order of Difficulty Level.
  • Random order.


  • Display answers immediately after answering.
  • Display answers upon user request after answering.
  • Display answers after all questions have been answered.
  • Do not display answers at all.


  • Display grade all the time.
  • Display grade at the end of the exercise.
  • Do not display a grade at all.

Step 4 — Learn

User selects an exercise and learns through quiz-like interaction.