The Shocking Reason Millennials are Binging on Songs about Binging on Drugs
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Sorry about your unhappiness, but…

“Women, we’re now fully accountable for everything that ever happens to us and whatever messes we find ourselves in.”

I hate to say it, but: Welcome to the world of men. This is where we have always been. And rather than match your — excuse me, but this is how you are coming across in this article — sexist (“we women good, men bad, men to blame for everything”) attitude with one just like it, I would suggest that maybe, just maybe, it’s time people realize the world would be much better if we started to put aside petty differences and work together rather than against each other. Just saying…

“women are ostensibly offered tons of choices but none they desire” — Same for men.

“Look how much searing agony I face just living in this fucked up mess I’m being offered but haha no one gives a shit about me because I’m white, college-educated and 25.” — Let’s analyze this. There could be a lot of truth to the slightly exaggerated “no-one cares” theme. I would hazard the guess that it’s because almost everybody else got it worse! I have lived both middle class and poor, and I can tell you, when you are poor, you’re existential and even physical pains and fears blot out any “woe is me, I am not loved” kind of stuff which then feels rather quaint and artificial: the “I wish I had your problems” stuff. I would recommend, start looking outside your own bubble, look at how people worse off have to live, and get involved in helping them or joining up with them (or others, if they are too busy just staying alive) in a fight for a better world. Your perspective may then shift away from so much self pity, and you will earn a lot of appreciation and love.

Just saying… (although, quite likely, everybody coming to this article will hate me for saying it; and, no, I am not being heartless. I am just pointing out that what you agonize about is just the tip of an iceberg, one we ought to break apart and melt down)

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