Fuck Bernie Fucking Sanders
Val Perry

Lol, americans. You’re so funny. Maybe if you guys had a democracy people wouldn’t be going crazy.

“Yes, I agree. We need to do everything we can to stand together against a corrupt con man who hides his tax returns, whines about rigged elections, benefitted from the the DNC hack, panders to the gun lobby, has shadowy ties to Russia and refuses to accept the indignity of losing to a woman by millions of votes. Oh, you thought I meant Trump?”

He released his tax returns. He doesn’t whine about rigged elections, much to the consternation of his supporters (since he was actually fucked over). If benefited means — finding out how people brainstormed to fuck you over — then yes he benefited. He is a little loose on gun control. Yes, Bernie is Vladimer Putin’s bitch, no doubt about it.

Firstly, why is it an indignity to lose to a women. Secondly, after he lost to her, he endorsed her. He then traveled across the country to tell people why they should vote for Hillary rather than Trump. Did he fart rainbows while doing it? No.

Also, the democratic party is socially progressive but economically they are as backward as any republican. While uplifting people socially is obviously beneficial doing so economically is even more beneficial.

One last thing. Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America right now (by far). There is a reason for that. That also, gives him power. Power that he is using to further the causes he believes in.

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