What is the most difficult thing to learn and accept about life?

Its impermanence.

Life is an journey and you are the only one who can take it. On this journey, the strongest, most capable travelers don’t always succeed and the weakest don’t always struggle. Along the way, you will meet others, who come and ago, and experience events that might throw you off course. You will see things that aren’t always what they seem, hear things that you never expected, and experience events that hurt you. But you have to keep going, because you haven’t reached your destination yet.

Life is a infinitely large chess board with a vast number of players and you are, but a small pawn, standing amidst the sea of bishops and knights. Every day, you face a simple decision, to move 1 step forward or to stay where you are. You can only move forward and only one space at a time, never knowing what might happen next turn or when you will be captured. Understand that there is much around you that you can’t control, for you are just one piece on the board.

Life isn’t always fair and doesn’t always reward effort and hard work, but that’s life! If things always worked out the way you expected, would life still be as interesting? It’s true that life can be bitter, cold, and harsh at times but one thing we must all do, is trust our hearts and minds and never give up. No matter what happens, understand that nothing in life is as bad as it seems. If things seem to be going well right now, enjoy it and know that it won’t last forever. If things are difficult momentarily, understand that pain will eventually subside and something new will take its place.

The truth is: Nothing will not last forever.

And that is the hardest truth to accept about life.

People come and go, things are said and done, and understand that most of the time, things are outside of our control. It takes a truly strong character to understand and accept it.

Life is a fleeting glance, both beautiful and ugly at the same time. It gives us the opportunity to feel joy and pain and for most of us, experience the whole rainbow of emotions. Life is both our greatest gift and our most painful curse, just like how the most unfortunate events often come disguised as a hidden blessing.