Getting that Brexit Deal
tony nog

It’s a truly excellent piece, except for one thing — you gloss over Daniel Hannan & other so-called ‘Liberal Leavers’ support for a Norway option.

If I understand correctly, you seem to be saying ‘it might work, but after the Leavers decided to bang on about foreigners for months, the people who voted for Leave will never go for it.’

I’m not so sure about that. With the caveat that we all know that polls can be unreliable, most do show that people would keep freedom of movement in exchange for continued membership of the Single Market.

Sure, I’m well aware that a Norway style arrangement is the least bad out of all the Leave options on offer, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the one IDS, Rees-Mogg, Redwood etc are peddling, and right now it seems to me as if they are making the running.

I also think we need to keep sight of the bigger picture here. Would a Norway scenario really be all that bad? It would keep most of what we value out of our relationship with Europe intact — and I believe most remain voters were more concerned with what we got out of our EU membership as opposed to the actual membership.

Crucially, it would also honour what it said on the ballot paper, and one mistake I think we are making in the remain camp is we seem to have nothing to say to the 17 million odd people who voted Leave, except to vaguely hope that there will be a case of buyer’s regret when the economy tanks (it might, but there won’t be).

Looking at Dan Hannan’s Twitter timeline he seems to spend a great deal of time wagging his finger at us naughty remainers and playing to his gallery.

Rather than rubbish the Norway option, I think it’s time for us to remind him about his support for a scenario where most people really wouldn’t see much difference with how things are, and to invite him to start explaining to his base some of the compromises they are going to have to make.

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