Android Things and a Waveshare 5" Display

I recently wrote an article on how to get a KeDei 3.5" screen running on Android things. Today I installed my Waveshare 5" Display. After setting up my RPi with Android Things 0.4.1 I edited the config.txt in the BOOT partition and added the following content to get it working:

At first I had set hdmi_drive to 2, as I thought I was hooking up an external monitor, not something like a TV. The Raspberry docs state that hdmi_drive=1 should mainly be used for TV’s. With the value set to 2 I had line of pixels on the left of screen that was all in pink. With the value set to 1 the line is gone.

The result!

I used version 0.4.1 because the KeDei screen did not work with the latest preview version 0.5.1 due to a bug in the Android Things OS. The problem in the OS was that they added auto discovery for displays so all this config above should not be necessary anymore. Even better, they just seem to ignore the config above. And that’s the problem, they did not detect the KeDei screen correctly and thus id didn’t work although I had the right config in place.

So I now just wanted to test if the default detection of Android Things 0.5.1 did work vor the Waveshare screen. So I’ve downloaded OIR1.170720.017 factory image again, flashed it on my SD-card and tried it. Guess what… I does not work…

Result with versions 0.5.0 and 0.5.0 of Android Things

So in the end I got it working with the oldest version of Android Things available. Still both for this Waveshare and the other Kedei screen I didn’t manage to the touch working. But I’m working on that (I’m actually pretty close) and I’ll share it in a later post!