Wine Country Heroes- Two

Michael Cruse

There is a one man movement inside of Michael Cruse (@mcrusero instagram). His mission is to produce and craft California’s finest sparkling wines. True ‘dat — Nerd fizz.

You have not had his wines. You have never heard of them. His “to be released” sparkling wines are like nothing I have tasted from the US. They speak clearly of vineyard first, style second, and they completely overflow with soul. Michael’s winemaking style is dangerous, and he’s dead serious.

While producing his own sparkling wines, Michael, via his Petaluma based custom crush Cruse Wine, Co. has been behind the curtain working with a crazy list of California producers, providing any combination of knowledge, space, hands, and equipment. Michael Cruse is a hub helping to shape micro-production California sparkling wine.

You may be scratching your head today, but his wine and influence might just be kicking your a*% tomorrow.

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