Thirty-something America
T.J. Storey

“What we need to avoid is being mesmerized by the narratives of the manipulators in the media -Left or Right. Do we want to understand, or do we want to choose an existing side? Neither side, in their current forms, are necessarily worth choosing. We have to accept that possibility in order to continue genuine learning. Our brains won’t allow us to think clearly if we have a side in mind -either for one or against one.”

This quote sums up why I choose “the dude abides” mentality of thinking/living. In my opinion, abiding means going with the flow, as long as it’s flowing in the direction I want to go (my interpretation of Goldilocksing)…rather than flowing in the direction that a certain “side” is going.

A metaphor of a river comes to mind to describe my “abiding”. All rivers lead either to an ocean, or to a river that will eventually lead to an ocean. No matter which direction the river is flowing or how crooked or straight its path is, it always ends up at its destination. Funny thing is that no river is exactly the same as another…size, length, width, path etc….yet they still reach it’s destination. Yet in my opinion we seem to think there are two or three “rivers” or sides to choose from that makes us happy (the ocean). To me “goldilocksing” or as I say “abiding” is creating my own flow based on the world around me in order to reach the ocean…my happiness!