Introduction of the Travels of a Disabled Diva

Happy New Year to YOU!!! I want to encourage everyone out there with chronic illnesses to TRAVEL. I have had Multiple Sclerosis for over 21 years. I use a cane, walker, wheelchair or scooter to get around!

Don’t let broken bones, arthritis or illnesses keep you from traveling. With a few tips you can truly enjoy your domestic or international travels.

  1. Research your destination to learn transportation options. European subways aren’t always handicap friendly. Be prepared to take more Ubers or Cabs.
  2. Use wheelchairs or mobility aids at airports and museums. Tell your airline in advance you need wheelchair assistance. Tell the ticket counter AND the flight attendants. Service is vastly different among airlines and different countries.
  3. Wear practical footwear
  4. Make sure your travel partners or tour guide know your limitations.
  5. TIP WELL!! You need help! Tip those folks that help you.
  6. Ask for hotel rooms closer to the elevator. It makes a difference at the end of a long day.
  7. If you take meds please research if they are allowed in the country you are traveling to. Tramadol can land you in jail in certain countries.
  8. Compression socks will change your life and increase your energy after a long flight.
  9. HYDRATE… all the time.
  10. BUDGET. You can be on a fixed income and still make it happen if you plan in advance.

Don’t be afraid to see the world! Follow me to learn how I live my best life as a Traveling Disabled Diva!