Trying Making Friends and Getting into the Dating World

Happy international day of people with disability, I’m Jade I’m 20 years old and this is just a piece of my life on a daily basis:

I want to go out have fun and fall in love but to be completely honest with you. It’s hard being disabled at least in my situation. My situation is I cannot drive so I need my parents to drive me places for now until my sister get her license. Since my parents especially my mom dose not trust anyone. Even if she did trust anyone I need new wheelchair. Lighter and easier to put in a car. So until than my only social life is the internet and group chat that I join . I know what your thinking don’t you go to school and talk to people ? I just have one person I know person and we hardly see each other so I just talk to random people to get by. Than when get home I talk to my family and my online friends. I know it’s kinda bad have friends online but like I said I hardly have friends here and most people just talk to men because they feel sorry for me and I hate to be honest with you. Besides I have met some awesome people online anyway.

As for dating will forget I have no chance with people now a day. It’s hard to find someone open minded. So, for now I’m just focusing on physical therapy and making myself better and hopefully one day walking on my own.