its about 12:40 am thought.


its me.

im writing again. its been a long day since the last time i took my pen and started to imagine some wonderful things.

im hoping you remember that ive ever loved writing as much as i loved thinking about you, and you, you were the inspiration.

but tonite, let me write one last piece story about us, before i ended these.

it hurts, really. i dont care how many times i told it because thats what im feeling the most. i meant that, really, if you could feel what is in my heart. i never stop pushing my self further days and nights, tryin as much as i could to realizing that we were over. its all over. you and our story are not my belonging anymore.

3 years isnt enough actually to fixed me. but it quite long to did many things in my day. i moved, to a little city far from ours. once i thought i could fixed my self, build up my dreams, reach it, find new people, makes some stories here. but one thing i always regratted in myself is, you moved to the same city too. i dont have to mention numbers of city here, but why.

lets say im not a good girl when we were together, i did many mistakes, i made you mad thousands times, and i didnt do things you ever expected. ok. im fine, i got a deal. i regratted it, im getting hurt, but please. i deserve happiness too.

i try to have a deal with those things, you moved here too, thats ok. but why, you come entering my life back and acts like nothing happenned. please dont start your own scenario, because ive done with those pretty shit drama.

im starting my life, again. here.

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