Ever hear the term “equality of opportunity doesn’t guarantee equality of outcome”?Women complaining that women only directed a small percentage of the most successful films is a really stupid argument.They themselves chose to make the projects that failed or succeeded,nobody decided for them.It’s the buying public that decides which movies succeed at the theaters,regardless of the gender of the director.Claiming that this or that particular film failed because of sexism is childish and sounds more like sour grapes than a rational argument by an adult.It assumes that if an audience didn’t like a film that it was because the director was a woman or because the film was about women,or some other reason that centers on gender.Not because the film was too esoteric or too arty or just dull,was badly written or acted,opened at the same time as a much bigger film,or simply appealed to too small an audience to be a money maker.If they’re only going to pass the buck for their films not making money rather than accept that some films do well and others don’t,what’s the point of debating the issue?Nothing says an audience has to like every film.Big,loud,flashy action films do better than talky,subdued women’s films,and more men choose to make big,loud,flashy films while more women choose talky,subdued women’s films.Obviously audiences of both sexes generally prefer big,loud and flashy over talky and subdued.Film makers who,rather than blaming sexism or some other cause out of their control for every failure,understand that you if you give audiences the film they want rather than trying to tell them what they should like you tend to find success.Meryl Streep does mostly serious,dramatic films and is obviously a better actress than Arnold Schwarzenegger,who does action films almost exclusively,is an actor.But judging by whose movies made more money in theaters,whose play the most frequently on TV,and have the most cultural resonance,Schwarzenegger is better than Streep.People’s tastes are what they are.While they were busy blaming sexism for the minority of women directors not regularly being among the top earners among film makers,the hundreds of male directors whose movies also underperformed,completely tanked in the theaters,or went direct to DVD were quite probably looking for their next project,going on to their next project,or schmoozing prospective backers for their next project instead of blaming a nonexistent conspiracy for their misfortune.

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