Live Stars as Revolutionizing Live Adult Entertainment

Hello Friend! Before I get to the main topic about Live Stars. First I will discuss about Pornography.

What is Pornography ?

Pornography is the disclosure of erotic and sensual sexual problems through a medium that aims or can lead to awakening of passion or the emergence of disgust, embarrassment, disgust for those who see, hear or touch it, as opposed to religion and or local customs.

What is Live Stars ?

Live Stars is creating a webcam platform of a new generation, which is based on blockchain technology. The main goal of our project is to develop an automated system with transparent structure and a variety of individual advantages in comparison to existing projects on the market.

With the growing popularity of today’s adult entertainment Aleksander Kansky and some of his colleagues created the idea of ​​creating live or live star platforms, live star is a newly released webcam platform, which has been using blockchain technology, this live star has the main purpose of developing automated system in a transparent sequence, when compared with existing projects in the market then the Live star project is much more profitable. Using blockchain-based technology will provide transactions that are faster, transparent, open and certainly not centralized.

As a legal platform the webcam platform can approve contracts with the model as its workers and determine which web rates are worthy of credit and keep the license terms with their control. Many staff support platform activities, these staff are divided into several subdivisions :

  • The payment receipt department is responsible for checking all transactions.
  • The model verification department is responsible for checking the model, and providing technical support.
  • Marketing department and much more.

This platform requires the cost to process a lot of information and requests manually and scheduled over time. To cover this cost the platform must request a substantial reward from the payout, an average of 60%, so if the user has token value of 100USD and has sent this amount to the model, then he will only get 40USD. High and low commissions vary widely ranging from 50% to even up to 80%, but the plaform that determines.

Integration of smart-contracts into business-logic and the financial segment of the platform provides more ecient, secure, and convenient communication between users, models, and the platform.

Live Stars’ additional advantages

There will be no purchase limits on the platform.

Additional work will be done in order to make our platform compatible with the modern Lovense and Ohmibod toys. These are simple adult toys which are very popular with the models.

We plan to cut server maintenance expenses by utilizing peer to peer content distribution network for public streaming.

Private video chats and messages will be carried out through webRTC on ‘one-to-one’ principle without a server. No mediators (including administrators) will have access to private information.

Competitor compariso

The key features of the platform are :

  • Complete anonymity and security of users.
  • Data stored safely and in encrypted way.
  • No mediators and limitations in the financial segment.
  • The highest earning rates for models.
  • Private chat encoding even from Live Stars sta.
  • Serverless video chat technologies.
  • Open source code.

Our platform offers largest performer revenue share percentage in the industry.

The Most Powerful Features of Live Stars Platform


Fundraising and issuing Live Stars tokens will serve as the means to finance the marketing and advertising of the Live Stars platform, as well as the Live Stars platform software development. Live Stars tokens will be used to make payments on the Live Stars platform.

During the presale stage, the funds can be sent with ETH currency. The contract’s address will be announced on before the beginning of the crowd sale. The tokens will be transferred immediately afterthe funds are received at the contract’s address. 200 million “LIVE”tokens will be issued in total.

ICO will be held in two stages:

Presale (September 2017)
During the presale stage, 20 million LIVE will be sold. 1 LIVE cost = $0.05
(1/4 ofthe price during the second round)
Hard Cap — $1,000,000
Alltokens not sold during presale will be available during ICO.

ICO (November — December 2017)
120 million LIVE will be sold during ICO
Hard Cap — $24,000,000
1 LIVE cost = $0.2
Tokens not sold during ICO will be frozen and non transferrable untilthe end of 2019.

Distribution of tokens

  • 10% will be available for participants during the presale stage.
  • 60% will be available for participants during the second round ofthe crowdsale.
  • 14% will be allocated to the Live Stars fund.
  • 14% the team will receive as a bonus.
  • 2% will be allocated to bounty campaign.

Live Stars Roadmap :

Pre-sale will begin on 21 September 2017. During the pre-sale stage 20 million Live will be sold. 1 Live cost = $ 0.05, hard cap — $ 1,000,000. ICO is planned to start from November to December 2017. Estimates of 120 million Live will be sold out during ICO runs. On sale ICO price 1 Live cost = $ 0.2, Soft Cap — $ 1,000,000, Hard Cap — $ 24,000,000.

Core Team :

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