NIMFAMONEY as the source of the first loan token in the world with an interest rate of 0%

ICO has become the primary means of fundraising for projects built with blockchain technology. Companies create and issue digital tokens that can be used to pay for goods and services on their platforms or saved as investments. They issue whitepapers depicting the platforms, software or products they want to build, and then people buy them using widely accepted crypts such as bitcoin or ethereum.

Start-ups around the world have accumulated more than a billion dollars this year in coin sales. In China, ICO has collected at least 2.62 billion yuan (about $ 400 million).

NIMFAMONEY is here for your life cycle solution as the first loan cryptocurrency platform in the world.

You can borrow a NIMFA token at a zero interest rate, use it to buy tokens from other blockchain companies coming to ICO, or directly on the exchange. You only pay access to the ICO market and cryptocurrency + 10% of your profit at closing position.

You do not worry to sell your house, take out a bank loan, borrow money from your friends, call your brother in the middle of the night with a request to give you a few thousand dollars to buy tokens from a company that started an ICO in just one hour .

All you need is to participate in NIMfamoney ICO, get NIMFA tokens, and after our ICO you can get a loan three times greater than the amount of all NIMFA tokens you will get on our ICO.

This is not a joke, why do we say that?

Every NIMFA sign you purchase at ICO in August 2017 allows you to borrow a token to participate in a new ICO or to trade on the exchange without verification and denial of our party or any third party. All these things are available in just minutes! P.S. This procedure is 100% decentralized!

While your neighbor has 10,000 units of cryptocurrency, you’ll get 30,000 full units and beat them because you’ll have three times as much resources to invest, and you’ll be jackpot hits.

How does it work ?

Well, here we will explain the description of how Nimfamoney’s cryptocurrency works and will increase your personal profit from participating in ICO blocking companies and trading on the exchange before 2018!

Suppose you buy 1000 NIMFA tokens at ICO (1 NIMFA = $ 5), and after ICO you can borrow 3000 NIMFA tokens to buy other companies’ tokens at ICO and on the exchange. To get a loan of 3000 NIMFA (1 NIMFA = $ 5), you must deposit 3.3% of the loan amount to gain access to Nimfamoney.

For you can transfer 3.3% of your loan amount (considering that the loan is 3000 NIMFA ($ 15000), you have to transfer $ 495). This amount goes to Nimfamoney’s decentralized crypto lending fund.

After that you can also transfer 3.3% of your loan amount, you receive 300% of your initial funds to your Nimfamoney account. That is, if you only have $ 5000 to trade on the exchange or buy tokens at ICO, with loan Nimfamoney you have $ 15000 (3000 NIMFA), three times as much! With a loan of 3000 NIMFA you can buy a new token on the new ICO or immediately on the exchange. You pay the loan back within 1 and 30 days by transferring 100% crypto your borrowing costs (with zero interest rate) and 10% of your profit on closing positions.

How will you benefit from it?

NIMFA tokens will be a universal tool for cryptococcal lending in the global blockchain community. Moving from one owner to another, members of the community will exchange the right to get a NIMFA proof loan from a decentralized crypto lending fund. This means that people who have more NIMFA tokens have more possibilities to receive these loans via the Nimfamoney platform.

Details about releasing NIMFA tokens at ICO

The number of NIMFA tokens placed at ICO in August 2017 are:

20 000 000 NIMFA tokens (20% of all NIMFA tokens). The value of 1 NIMFA is set at the $ 5 level. Thus, a collection of NIMFA tokens commonly placed on ICO can have the following costs in the end:
20 000 000 NIMFA x $ 5 = $ 100 000 000.

During ICO Nimfamoney set 100,000 NIMFA token tokens for 1 person. That equals $ 500,000. This step was taken to decentralize the right to obtain loans among holders of NIMFA tokens to be purchased at ICO in August 2017.

Thus, the maximum number of NIMFA tokens in the amount of 100000 entitles the holder to borrow 300,000 NIMFA tokens (or $ 1500000) after the ICO and if he has 100000 of these tokens in the NIMFA token at the time of requesting the loan.

The total number of token sales at the end of ICO is directly correlated with the size of the cryptococcal loan fund. And if 20% of all NIMFA tokens traded on ICO amount to 20,000 000 NIMFA tokens: $ 100 000 000 sold so the total funding could be $ 300,000 which would be available for crypto loans for who buys the NIMFA tokens at ICO.

The final amount of the lending fund will be 300% of all sales of tokens at the ICO whether 20 000 000 NIMFA tokens will be sold or not during the ICO.

The distribution of 100% NIMFA tokens:

  • 10% — Team (now and future).
  • 20% — buyer of NIMFA tokens at ICO (Fundraiser).
  • 60% — Approval agreement in NIMFA token (decentralized crypto lending fund) (Cryptocredit).
  • 5% — Reserve of funds to pay all saving commission (gas) for the borrower (saving cryptocurrency) (provision fund).
  • 5% — Gifts for partners

100% Distribution withdraw funds at ICO :

  • 55% — Development of cryptocurrency loan platform (software development).
  • 15% — Marketing (Marketing).
  • 15% — Operational costs for managing platforms (operating costs).
  • 5% — Reserve fund to pay all commissions (gas) while developing and maintaining platforms (provisional funds).
  • 5% — Fees for legal services and support for cloning transactions (Legal).
  • 5% — Unexpected costs (unexpected).


Max Tarasenko — Founder & CEO

Max Tarasenko is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded a number of companies in Russia and Europe (Czech Republic). Max also worked in Allianz: world’s largest insurance company.

Vlad Pezhemskiy — Lead blockchain & Developer

Vlad is a Solidity-expert. With 11+ years in coding he used PHP in most of his projects. Vlad builds Nimfamoney’s smart contracts.

Dan Suvorov — CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Dan Suvorov is an experienced full-stack developer with more than 5 years of programming with PHP, Java, Node.JS, JS(JQuery). And of course CSS and HTML.

Alex Kharchevnikov — CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Alex is an experienced digital marketer with deep expertise in viral marketing. Alex attracts new users to Nimfamoney platform.

Details of information about us below:



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