How I am starting with Go.

Photo credit: Andrew Phillips

There are not too many resources for someone new to programming to learn Go and the intricacies of programming from scratch. Not at least from what I’ve found. Everything from the terminology, the syntax, and the how-to-learn it aspect, is few and far between. That being said, the few resources that are out there pretty awesome(we will get to those in a sec).

Everything I’ve scoured the net for says to start with the Go tour, which I did. With my minimal exposure to actual programming (a few Javascript lessons learning front end stuff), I have no idea what makes up a program, or how that program is built or what it is built with. I’m green! So the tour was fun to watch the actual code run, but I had no idea what was happening behind the scenes, or in the code for that matter.

The next thing recommended is to read Effective Go or the language spec itself. Ha! With no prior coding experience it was like trying to explain Einstein’s theory of relativity to a toddler. I understand you have to start somewhere and this is the way it used to be, so don’t discount these. They just aren’t the easy reading with simple explanations that I have become accustomed to while learning things off the net.

After looking around the web, here are the resources I’ve drummed up to help me get going:

That’s it. I figure the more simple I keep it, the less anxiety of where to find the answer. Obviously I’ll refer to the language spec, stackoverflow, and Effective Go, but these will be the core of what I think I’ll need. That could/will change through the process. So if there’s anything a newbie to Go/programming is missing, let me know. Gonna be fun.