Order and Rank

Arnold Glasow was a business marketing genius from the 20th century who made his fortune behind the scenes. He owned a humor magazine that he would package and sell to other companies to use as their own. He wrote his first book at 92 years old and was an inspiring example of american innovation and entrepreneurship. He said “Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.” Now, old Arnold was in the humor business, and tongue-in-cheek humor ruled the day, so I can’t help but to think he was employing some in the delivery of this quote. This is the perfect example of “easier said than done” or “simpler in thought than in deed.” However there is something to this..

At face value this might be the most boring self improvement quote ever written. It sounds like something an annoyed father might say to his son if the boy was overthinking.

“well I read that if you want to be successful you have to use these 18 steps and you do them every oth-”

“Listen here, boy.” And then insert quote.

Arnold doesn’t want us to get stuck. His message is simplicity so it is therefore delivered in a simple way. He is saying, among other things, don’t get caught up. To shine a light on how something simple does not necessarily mean it is shallow in significance, lets start with number one on Mr. Glasows short list.

#1 Do what is Right.

Ok. I guess we have to decide what is right first, don’t we? Well that’s not a simple one is it? It is not. It’s true. However once you do decide what is right, you simplify by not having to think about that anymore. What is right could include your character, your beliefs, what works, your motives for success. These all take thought beforehand. In the Hagakure, the samurai classic, the author repeatedly admonishes his readers to “think of these things thoroughly beforehand.” Or what he also called “Win first, fight later.” I encourage everyone to define their prerogatives, so that you can stand behind them and not be blown off course by, events, opinions, or self-doubt. These are the principles you live by. They are your principality, meaning you live within their bounds. Instead of spreading too thin, you discover what works for you and then consolidate your power. Concentrate your power. You understand that there are many good ways besides your own, but you let them be. You have given up searching. You are on another level. You are putting in the work. Whats right for you isnt some esoteric thing, it is not what you think, or what you’re about. Its who you are becoming.

#2 The Right Way

Now that we have uncovered what it is right for us we are ready to apply our common sense. What is the best method to achieve what is right for me? Usually the best way starts with a) whats most effective, or what works the best, and then b) whats the most efficient, or works the fastest with the least resource. This is the best model, however you often see this model employed the other way around, in objects produced for quantity instead of quality. For our purposes I will use the first model as our example. As I write this article I can’t help but to keep thinking of a sword, and the cutting away of whats unnecessary, so that we can be free and clear to step into our destinies. By finding out whats most effective and learning that way, you discard a million other ways, and you do not have to waste time investigating further.

Now, the most efficient way for you does NOT have to be the most efficient way in the world. It needs to be the most efficient for YOUR purposes. What I mean is, taking photography as an example, a photographer may not have the same access to resource as a huge corporation, but he could choose the very best of what was available to him, and then use it in the most effective way possible. He is looking to streamline his operation. The more parts of his life he can put on auto-pilot and maintain quality output, the better. Lets remember that a Mountain King looks to dominate in all areas of life, not only his career. Being the king in all of lifes arenas takes all day. The different arenas are like the battalions of his army, they must be assigned order and rank. Whereas his generals, or his greatest priorities, get his attention everyday, the pawns are hard pressed to, and many never will. He must attend to his duties as a husband and a father. He must attend to his physical health and strength. He must attend to his spiritual nature, or what gives him strength. It is worthless to be rich and successful only to have a family that resents you or has fallen apart due to disorganized thinking. Thats why we focus on strength and technique in ALL the important arenas of our lives so no sector is neglected. We are after a FULL life. To learn more about what I consider to be the 6 main arenas of our lives and how to be a champion in all of them, stay tuned for my upcoming book, The SACRED 6.

#3 The Right Time

The third part of Arnold Glasow’s quote is just an extension of the first two. It upgrades them. We have discovered what is right for us. We have discovered our methods for achieving them. Now comes the great organizer, our priorities. Although we have simplified a great deal simply by deciding what is for us and what we can let go of, there are still many factors in our lives. We can streamline even more by doing them in the correct order according to their importance. However, not only that. When we are strategic in our thinking, the way we plan, we understand that some times are better than others to make a move. We wait. If the the time is not right we wait. When it is, we go all in. To learn the principles of when to speak and when to listen, when to go forward and when to get out, we learn timing. This is what is meant by “strike the hammer while the iron is hot”


Well, I hope I have transformed this rather ordinary quote into something that can help propel you into prosperity and success. I think it is a valuable lesson to learn that while many things are good, not all are good for you. G.K. Chesterton said it like this.

“Merely having an open mind is nothing. The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid.”

Keep it grinding,

The Mountain King