It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this: our guide to spotting dark patterns across the web.


Previously, we covered the basics of Dark Patterns and why they’ll likely be sticking around for awhile. Luckily, we don’t need to sit idly by as bad actors clog up the web with…


Dark patterns are destined to become more subtle, more insidious, and will continue to evolve as we make strides in UX.


When I see a spider in the room, I never let it out of my sight. I become fascinated with where it’s lurking and where it plans on…

Unfortunately, when it comes to market research, the common pitfalls of trying to measure consumer behavior factor in the results. People invariably are subject to cognitive biases that prevent them from revealing their true feelings whether they are aware of them or not. Or they simply are bad at predicting…

Alyssa Nolte will be a presenting speaker at CampaignTech East in D.C., presented by Campaigns & Elections on April 25th at 2:25 pm eastern.

Alyssa’s presentation will focus on Eye Tracking Technology and how Discida is using this technology to help campaigns build better advertising experiences for voters.

If you’re registered for CampaignTech East, make sure you catch her presentation and say “Hi”.

If you haven’t registered for CampaignTech East, make sure you do! You won’t want to miss it. Register here.

Originally published at Discida.


Dark notifications abuse the use of messages to trick users into unwanted activities and should be avoided by anyone trying to deliver an adequate user experience.


If you drive across the Midwest at night, you’ll notice the unmistakable, eerie glow of wind turbines strewn throughout the landscape. Each turbine…

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