Introducing Wires: Solving pitching’s biggest problem

New to Disclose: Wires

Everything we build at Disclose begins with answering these questions:

What’s wrong with the way journalists and sources communicate with each other?

How do we fix it?

We have this conversation with every PR and journalist we meet — guess what they all say? Here are some clues:

“90% of pitches I receive get deleted.” — Marina Torre, Journalist

“Part of my job is to know when not to disturb journalists with topics that do not interest them.” — Alexis Bollaert, PR

“If we can cut down on the noise and just havethree or four pitches every day that really matter, that’d be great.” — James Cook, Journalist

“Journalists are fed up to be pitched by PRs that have no idea about what they write.” Jean-Francois Kitten, PR

“Most of the pitches I receive are irrelevant.” — Chris O’Brien, Journalist

“Only 10% of the pitches I receive come from a handful of PRs who know me and what I look for.” — Geoffray Sylvain, Journalist

You talked, we listened. To help targeted pitches reach the journalists that want them, we’ve just launched Wires — topics that journalist can subscribe to for pitches that interest them. An automatic filter for pitches, if you will. For journalists, this means you only receive the news you want. For sources, this means the ability to target every pitch. For example, the next time you have a story about a new Kickstarter campaign, instead of combing through a database to identify journalists who may or may not be interested in your news, you can send a single pitch to our Crowdfunding Wire and reach a group of journalists who specifically write about Kickstarter.

When 90% of pitches are getting deleted, there’s a problem. We want to get response rates up to 100%. For both journalists and their sources, this shouldn’t be an unreasonable expectation but until now, it’s been the PR’s responsibility to research every journalist and know their beat to be able to send the right reporter the right pitch. Wires make it easier for everyone involved — to quote James Cook, we’re fixing the “signal to noise ratio” by being the middle man.We take out the hard work of figuring out how to target pitches (sources) and reduce the time spent filtering pitches (journalists).

If you’re a journalist, all you have to do is subscribe and let the pitches come to you. If you’re a source, just select the Wire/s you want to target when you submit your pitch.

Currently we have Wires for news, sectors and topics — if the Wire you want is missing, just let us know and we’ll create it for you.

Send another mass email to hundreds of people, or reach a group of journalists who actually want your news..?

No-brainer, right?

Check out Wires now