GOP Got Choices (Yup)

After months of Donald Trump proving he is who we thought he was beyond a reasonable doubt, many people are expecting the Republicans in Congress to do something about it.

Is it likely? I’ve answered in the style of E-40’s “Choices”, a song with a simple structure for a very simple question, because these people have shown pretty clearly what kind of choices they’ll make.

Gonna stand up to Trump? (nope)

Gonna keep acting like a chump? (yup)

Provide a check to his power? (nope)

Fall in line like a coward? (yup)

Wanna clean up this mess? (nope)

Wanna still complain about it to the press? (yup)

Stop him with a vote? (nope)

Say that you’re “troubled” for a quote? (yup)

Investigate his Russian connections? (nope)

Let him suppress free and fair elections? (yup)

Cross the party line? (nope)

Tell yourself “this is fine”? (yup)

Actually stand in Trump’s way? (nope)

Wring your hands and wish it all away? (yup)

Save the republic? (nope)

Still gonna miss it? (yup)

Resisting? (nope)

Complicit (yup)

Wait for the CBO score? (nope)

Call for a vote on the floor? (yup)

Stand up for what’s right? (nope)

Chug Bud Light? (yup)

Stop a constitutional crisis? (nope)

Let Trump compromise our intel on ISIS? (yup)

You know what you’re about? (nope)

Is time running out? (yup)

GOP got choices

They choose to do nothing but rationalize

GOP got choices

What they do with those choices won’t be a surprise

GOP got choices

They sit on their hands and pontificate

GOP got choices

By the time they do something it’ll be too damn late

And we’ll stay waiting for them (yeah, yeah)

They’ll never do nothing (no, no)

And we’ll stay waiting for them (yeah, yeah)

If you got hope you ain’t like me (no, no)

And we’ll stay waiting for them (yeah, yeah)

An intervention ain’t likely (no, no)

And we’ll stay waiting for them (yeah, yeah)