Marginalized People Deserve Better Than The Democratic Party

During the entire primary, the Democratic Party and the media told us that Hillary Clinton was the most electable candidate. As they did that, the DNC swindled Bernie Sanders out of a fair chance during the primary. They told us that a candidate swarmed by scandals and controversy was the most electable candidate despite the polls telling us that she was not. They told us that a candidate that more than the majority of Americans agree with, couldn’t win. Millions of people decided to then vote for Secretary Clinton instead under the silly notion that she had “electability” on her side.

Then she lost the general election to the most disliked Presidential candidate in American history.

The super-delegates of the Democratic Party were implemented to stop the population from electing a candidate that was obviously unelectable. During the Democratic National Convention, million of people hoped and begged for super-delegates to switch and support Bernie Sanders. Ignoring the massively damaged, disliked, corrupt, and anti-populist candidacy of Hillary Clinton, those DNC officials and party insiders gave us Donald Trump as President when they rejected the left-wing populist that could’ve won.

Not only did Democratic officials and others fail their duties as super-delegates, the DNC used Donald Trump as a pied piper candidate. They saw him as a controllable and fringe pawn that they could easily defeat in a general election. They elevated the nightmare of millions of marginalized people because they could use him as leverage to propel their widely disliked candidate into the White House. This speaks volumes to the reality that they aren’t interested in fighting for our liberation, freedoms, civil rights, and lives.

They gambled with our lives & safety. But we’re the ones that lost. [see attachment]

In response to the rise of right-wing populism by Donald Trump, the Democratic Party railroaded the left-wing populist in order to protect their precious centre. They picked a corrupt, neoliberal, insider in the election of the anti-neoliberal outsider. Albeit, Trump is corrupt & isn’t an outsider, picking Hillary Clinton disobeyed common sense. The Democratic Party has made it abundently clear that they would rather lose with neoliberals like Hillary Clinton rather than win with social democrats like Bernie Sanders.

And we deserve better than a political party that would do this. We all do.

We can try and blame third party voters, but that’s problematic. Gary Johnson took more votes from Donald Trump than Jill Stein took from Hillary Clinton. In other words, had third parties be non-existent, Donald Trump’s margin would likely have been greater. It would not have caused Hillary Clinton to win.

Let’s say, even though it’s impossible, every third party voter decided to vote for Hillary Clinton instead. She would’ve won the election but only by about five percent. Albeit, that’s still a win, it should’ve — could’ve — been a knock out. If you can’t win against a candidate like Donald Trump by double digits, there’s a major problem with the candidate. In this case, Hillary Clinton representing the essence of Democratic Party, there is a major problem with the Democratic Party. There is no reason why a major political party couldn’t win against Trump. The fact that the Democratic Party couldn’t even squeeze out a win, against the most hated candidate in history, means we shouldn’t take the Democratic Party seriously anymore.

The fundamental problem is the electoral system. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but lost the electoral colleges. The fault here lies at the hands of the Democratic Party for not committing to serious election reform after they got burned in 2000. Every time since 1876 that a candidate lost the electoral colleges but won the popular vote, it has been a Democrat. And they still won’t commit to election reform. The Democratic Party has shown that it is not serious about supporting and fighting for, democratic processes and elections.

We deserve a political party that will fight with us, not against us. We deserve a political party that will fight for a single-payer healthcare system, against systemic police brutality, against deportations, & so on. We deserve a political party that will not perpetuate war crimes with drones and start wars to feed the imperial white supremacist military industrial complex. We deserve a political party that stands in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter, #NoDAPL and Palestinian liberation. We definitely deserve to be more than exploitable & expendable pawns for the Democratic Party to gamble with in their attempts sling their candidates into positions of power.

The Democratic Party deserves to die because we deserve better.


  1. ) The DNC swindled a candidate that could’ve won the general election out of a fair chance during the Democratic Primary.
  2. ) The super-delegates failed their duties to support the most electable candidate.
  3. ) They ignored how policies of neoliberalism & imperialism that she holds and supports created the conditions for Trump to exploit and rise.
  4. ) The DNC elevated Donald Trump in an attempt to slingshot Hillary Clinton into the White House.
  5. ) They failed to defeat the most disliked candidate in American history by double digits — or even at all.
  6. ) The Democratic Party refuses to get serious about supporting election reform and democratic processes.
  7. ) The Democratic Party isn’t even standing with us and our liberation movements; at most, they give us lip service.

Stop voting for the Democratic Party. Cancel your membership. There are various alternative political parties to the Democratic Party. We can grow them and win local and build up to national elections. We have little-to-nothing else to lose; the Democratic Party is a sinking ship that doesn’t care about us. You can try the Green Party, Party of Socialism & Liberation, Socialist Alternative or even try independent candidates. Reach out to and organize with organizations like the Democratic Socialists of America. You deserve better!

The Democratic Party is a mediocrity for it’s utterly pathetic failure to beat this hideous monster. At this point, nobody should take them as legitimate.

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