In the two weeks since we kicked off this year’s Pride Month fundraiser, you’ve already blown us away with a tremendous show of support. As of today, June 14th, you’ve raised a total of $51,407.81 for GLSEN, with 497 pin blind bags, 67 sticker sets, and 315 golden pin sets being claimed. Sets are already arriving on doorsteps, so if you haven’t received yours yet, keep an eye on your mailbox as they are on the way.

If you haven’t ordered your very own pins and stickers yet, fear not! There’s plenty to go around. Hop on over to our…

Are you a game developer? The following post was written by the team over at Sabotage Studio, creators of The Messenger as well as the upcoming game Sea of Stars.

With this guest piece, Sabotage Studio will take you through their journey as a developer using Discord to its fullest extent, leveraging our entire tool set to build the best community experience on the platform.

Sabotage does a lot of things that we think are “best in class”, and we hope you enjoy their very detailed post on everything they’ve been working on. …

Back in March, we rolled out Stage channels, a new type of Channel in Discord specially designed for audio events where a few users are talking while an audience listens in. Moderators can quickly and easily choose which participants are “on stage” and which are the audience, swapping around roles as necessary.

Right away, you bowled us over with your varied and creative use of Stages. We’ve heard from developers who held live Q&As with their communities, book clubs that did live readings, companies that hosted virtual worldwide career fairs, and countless servers who hosted successful open mic nights…

At Discord, we imagine a world where no one has to feel like an outsider. That’s why we do our part during Pride Month: an annual celebration that brings fellowship, community, and power to millions across the globe.

We are on a never-ending mission to build belonging, both internally and externally. This means creating an organization with a workforce that represents the diversity of our communities and the world as a whole.

A core component of this is our employee resource groups (ERGs) who represent underrepresented voices and champion inclusion at Discord. Our Pride ERG leads workshops on allyship in…

Moderators play one of the most important roles on Discord: helping keep servers and the communities they hold safe. They’re often the unsung heroes who go above and beyond and make communities on Discord what they are.

Moderating a community on Discord means much more than wielding your mighty ban hammer and smiting those who mean to do harm: it means being responsible for fostering a space where you, your friends, and potentially hundreds of others can find belonging.

Many times, moderators are one of the first people to greet you when you join a community, making you feel at…

Since the shocking events of the U.S. Capitol Insurrection on January 6, 2021, the issue of violent extremism has been front and center of many conversations in the United States. At Discord, we consider violent extremism to be the support, encouragement, promotion, or organization of violent acts or ideologies that advocate for the destruction of society, often by blaming certain individuals or groups and calling for violence against them.

We don’t allow users or servers to engage in this behavior, and we also don’t allow the glorification of known violent extremist groups or movements. With this topic on the minds…

Since 2015, Discord’s core policy, the Community Guidelines, has been used to govern the platform with consistent rules to keep your communities an inclusive and safe place to hang out. In 2020, we formalized a dedicated Policy team to develop the Community Guidelines further, work with product teams to build safe and inclusive features, and advocate on public policy issues that impact Discord and our users.

To help give some perspective into how we enforce these policies, we’re launching a new blog series to share what our Policy team is working on, listen to any feedback you may have, and…

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Discord has become a place to call home to over 150 million monthly active users around the world to talk about everything from sneakers, to the deepest details of their favorite game soundtrack, to virtual car meetups and late-night study sessions.

Just under a year ago, we outlined the work we’ve done to welcome the world to Discord, no matter what your interests may be. To help, we also wanted to make our overall look and feel just as welcoming to the world as the ever-improving in-app experience and help everyone enjoy Discord just a bit more.

So, welcome to…

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of the Discord Moderator Academy Exam! The exam covers a wide range of topics from the growing library of Discord Moderator Academy articles and will test your prowess in all things moderation.

What is the Discord Moderator Academy?

Discord is a special place because of all of the amazing communities where people find those with similar interests, form friendships, and create belonging. These communities are built and cared for by moderators, who make sure these servers grow and flourish while making sure the community held within is healthy and safe.

The Discord Moderator Academy (DMA) was created to empower…

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It’s time for the latest Community Spotlight: a showcase of some of the best and most unique servers across Discord.

Every parent knows how children are drawn to technology. They’re growing up in a society defined by computers, a world where every kid dreams of becoming a streamer or making a groundbreaking app. It’s inevitable that they’re going to spend a lot of time around devices. The important thing is helping them get the most out of their natural curiosity and creativity.

Enter Kano, a London-based developer of educational technology. They make computers, peripherals, lessons, and programming kits that let…


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