Why should you watch Terminator Genisys?

Terminator Genisys has been released on 3rd July in India. If you are confused whether you should watch it or not, we bring you reasons why you should.

Terminator Genisys is the latest release by Skydance Productions. Although every movie has its own good and bad points and every individual perceives the movie in a different way and has his own personal reviews about a movie, we are stating here some points why you must watch the movie.
The action sequences
High speed car chases and grenades are sure to blow your mind. The fight between Skynet Terminator and T-800 Terminator is just awesome! The visual effects in all the action sequences are mind blowing. Seeing the T-1000 Terminator regenerating from its liquid metal state into a huge body with those scary features seems very realistic.
Female action
“Come with me if you want to live” — This iconic line from ‘Terminator’ is back but, this time it is delivered by Sarah Connor. Sarah is a warrior woman who can save herself when things get tough. It is great to see a female action film.
Arnold’s performance
Arnold has been an action hero. After returning from politics, he hadn’t made a significant role as ‘king of action’. The roles he had been playing after returning were lethargic and disappointing. Arnold definitely made his actual comeback in ‘Genisys’ as T-800 Terminator.
Emilia Clarke
A tiny tough dangerous gun-carrying Emilia Clarke looks simply splendid. She did a great job in the movie. She played fair with her hard and logical role. Her relationship with “Pops” is just adorable.
Genisys is an action packed sci-fi film with a great storyline. It begins with Kyle sent back to 1984 to realize that the world is not the same now and he needs to adapt to the new conditions and situations to survive. Kyle is supposed to save the future by saving Sarah Connor from Skynet. The storyline connects with today’s world where people are so dependent on electronics and technology.
Seeing legendary star Arnold back as the Terminator after 12 long years is just amazing! Seeing him in Genisys brings back all the memories of ‘The Terminator’. We have been able to see him in different stages of his life. Seeing him young and now older is truly very nostalgic.
Comedy and Romance
Sarah and T-800’s relationship is not only about friendship but also love. The combination of friendship and romance blended together brings a great visual experience. While they have comic elements in friendship, they have emotions in romance.

A sci-fi romantic adventure with robots, action, explosions, artificial intelligence, time travel along with romance and comedy make it a perfect watch. Although there are some plot holes in the movie, I think they can be neglected and the movie enjoyed.

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