Why people leave the church… and never come back
Nate Bagley

Nice article…I am seriously considering leaving also just out of pure frustration…and find myself in a quandary.

I have served for 15 years as a bishop’s counselor, 6 years on the HC, 2 years as a WML, 5 years as a YMP, 2 years as a seminary teacher, etc…you get the picture.

During my time as a HC I was called into the SP’s office and accused of not being a full tithe payer when in fact I’ve always have been a full tithe payer. The last bishop I served with was so odd in every regard. I came to realize that he was an absolute dictator in his calling as bishop. He actually called people to positions to serve that he knew did not want to serve in that position in an effort to “punish” them, he actually used the word “punish.” This was all done against the advice of his counselors. This same bishop would not pay for the cremation services of a recent convert’s husband who committed suicide because she joined the church…she came home from her baptismal service and found her husband hanging in their garage. She had no income, no savings, no life insurance. So, as her new HT, I offered to pay for the cremation services because the bishop wouldn’t, even though he told her he would.

One of the other counselors I served with in a bishopric was a total “information gather” and would access the tithing records of the ward members, and when a recommendation would come forth for a particular person to serve in a ward position, that counselor would pipe-up and say that they should not serve in that position because they were not full tithe payers…as if he knew. It was utterly despicable and wrong. He would also remove a persons profile photos from LDS Tools because he thought they were inppropriate (example: a new missionary standing in front of the world map in the MTC pointing to the city she was to serve in…that was inappropriate and he removed it). That “counselor” has since been called as a stake clerk and the dictator bishop is now on the HC.

To make matters worse, I had a YMP’s lie to my teacher age son about a promise he made to him, thankfully my son called him on it.

I humbly attempted to bring these incidents up with my local priesthood leaders but have been consistently ignored or worse rebuffed. — I am having such a difficult time with all this and honestly wish it would all go away…I don’t need this added stress in my life.

If these leaders (SP, YMP, bishops) are inspired in their callings; how can they be so disingenuous and evil? It has become a joke to me and the people are suffering because of it. I feel that the leaders in the area where I live are so misguided and those with wrong or even evil intents keep being called to positions of authority. — It is not right, all is not well in Zion.


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