The People You Meet

You never know the kind of people you’re going to meet. Some may be nice, others may be crazy, or they be may somewhere in between. Everyone comes from all walks of life and you should never underestimate what a person may be going through. You know the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Well, the same goes for when you meet new people. Everyone has some type of internal baggage and some people either wear it on their sleeve while others don’t. Some people are just better with coping with life than others. I’m sure when we all know that one person that is happy all the time no matter what happens. So, what’s that person’s secret. The secret is learning to cope with your problems efficiently. But, essentially, everyone has some type of stressor in his/her life. Be kind to people you meet. You have no idea what they went through to get where they are today. A person’s personality is characterized by the events and possible trauma they may have endured. We become who we are because of things that we have gone through and our reactions to those events. Another problem that may arise that is people either shut down from trauma or open up because of their trauma. I personally did shut down for a long period of time after being diagnosed. However, I realized that my experiences are worth sharing. I realized that early interventions in most cases is better realized than ignored. As I looked back at own my life, I see that early intervention would have saved me from the constant wonder of what is wrong with me and why do I feel so different. At the same time, things are meant to happen when they happen. So, remember as life goes on, you cannot change who you run into, but you can change how you react to them. You do not know what they been through that day or in general. You do not know the kind of person that they are until get to know them. There’s a fifty percent chance that they may be a great friend or partner or someone who you wish to never speak to again. Either way, the risk is worth the gain.

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