Thanks for the Memories! About Snapchat’s New Feature!

Looks like they copied Instagram first!


Snapchat has announced a new update to the application this month that showcases a new feature called “Memories”. The “Memories” feature allows users to save all of their snap photos or videos within the app in a collage-style folder, making it easier to reflect back on the special moments they record using the app.

Saving a snap as a memory is almost as easy as taking a photo or video — simply utilize the smaller circle button beneath the normal Snapchat shutter button! Now instead of losing your precious snaps after the 24-hour time limit of a post, the memories you create on Snapchat can truly become “Memories”

Does this seem a little familiar?

Snapchat’s “Memories” allows you to save your videos and pictures in a collage format

Snapchat’s “Memories” allows you save your videos and pictures in a collage format


With over 150 million users daily, Snapchat is becoming the next go-to social medium platform for public figures and brands alike! With more users than Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter combined, Snapchat allows you to connect with your followers instantly to show them 10 second snaps of your day. By using Snapchat to promote your business or other brands, you can connect with your audience within seconds by sharing personal snaps or a public story. Utilizing the “Memories” feature as a social influencer can keep track of what products and reviews you share with your followers daily, as well as be able to share your exclusive content at a later date with “flashbacks” you can re-add to your story!

Check out a video showcasing Snapchat’s new feature here:


Snapchat influencers can help you connect with your target audience in a creative and entertaining way that improves awareness and messaging. They can be one of the most effective ways to capture the attention of the platform’s growing Millennial user base. These self-made, modern-day digital celebrities are creative, passionate, and trusted by their followers. You can leverage influencers’ popularity and follower trust to create Snapchat stories that inspire your users. This works because word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family, often referred to as earned advertising, are still the most influential.


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