You’ve Got Mail 
Subscription services and why we can’t get enough

Yep, there’s a box for that.

From monthly socks and razors, to exclusive wines and prepped meals, to pet toys, sex toys and even ‘geek and gamer’ gear, there are subscription services for everything. But what’s the fuss? Why is America so excited for that box on their doorstep? It’s all about the surprise and delight factor. If you’re anything like us, simply getting a piece of real (non-junk) mail is a total day-maker. So the excitement of a whole box of goodies delivered every month is akin to your birthday, plus Christmas, topped with tickets to see Beyonce. (Ok, it’d have to be a seriously impressive box to equal getting to see Queen Bey, but you get the idea.)

It seems the rest of America feels similarly, as well. Since 2014, visits to subscription services websites has grown by 800%! Subscription services have been rapidly growing since the jumpstart of Birchbox in 2010, and after the success of that, it seems just about anything consumer’s could want can now be signed, sealed and delivered with a few quick clicks.

Here are some of our LMS team favorites that you’re going to need to try for yourself!


Favorite of: Julianna

“I love Ipsy because it introduces me to new products that I normally would never have found on my own”

Image courtesy of

Thinking outside the ‘box,’ Ipsy delivers a variety of customized beauty products in a themed Glam Bag each month. Their mission was to democratize the beauty industry and give consumers the ability to express their individuality through beauty and discover new products at an affordable price.

Loot Crate

Favorite of: Kelsey

“Ahh Loot Crate is the best! A box of awesome every month. I love it!”

Feed your inner fan with a box of customized, specialty and collectible products ranging from tees and coffee mugs to action figures and capes all catered to your personal form of geekery! Harry Potter, Marvel, Halo? Yep! Even the Netflix runaway series, Stranger Things has a box. Get your fan fix every month and build a unique collection greater than Voldemort’s horcruxes!


Favorite of: Denise

“My dog is obsessed with his Ollie food. He cannot even sit still while I get it out for him!”

Ollie serves up canine approved, perfectly portioned and personalized, fresh dog food developed by doggie nutritionists. The meals are catered to your dog’s likes, size, breed and special needs to ensure your best friend gets the very best at every meal. With top quality food (made with real ingredients you can recognize), delivered right to your door, who would want to schlep around a huge bag of questionable kibble ever again?

Daily Harvest

Favorite of: Lauren

“Part of why I don’t eat healthier is the prep work involved. Cutting up carrots and washing kale does not fit into my morning routine, but Daily Harvest is as easy as blend & drink, so it helps me squeeze in those fruits and veggies!”

Developed by nutritionists, Daily Harvest’s variety of products don’t skimp on the health factor. They offer smoothies, soups, chia bowls and overnight oats, and even ‘nice cream’ sundaes packed with fruits, veggies and superfoods delivered to your door as often as you’d like. You’ll go from delivery to delicious, with no prep and no mess! (Plus, their smoothies have some serious cute ‘gram potential.)


Favorite of: Cassie and Kelly

“I love how each item in the box supports a cause. I love feeling like I’m contributing to change through my purchases. Not to mention, it’s always unique gifts that I wouldn’t otherwise have discovered.”

The box that gives back! Each CauseBox is filled with products for purpose from socially conscious brands. Everything from the artwork on the outside of the box, to the handmade products, to the story behind each piece, is thoughtfully curated to make the world a better place.

Kettlebell Kitchen

Favorite of: Kristi

“The best thing ever. Healthy meals, ready-made that keep me on track.”

Image courtesy of @conzsweetpics

Create a meal plan with a Kettlebell Kitchen nutritionist catered to your dietary needs. Jumping in on a Paleo diet? No problemo. Focusing on muscle gain at the gym? They’ve got specialty plans to bump up those biceps. Whatever your focus or dietary need, Kettlebell Kitchen can fuel you up! Bonus: in select cities you can pick up your meals at your gym giving you an extra boost to keeping up with a healthy lifestyle.

*If you’re digging that plant-based life, try out their sister company, Vyne.

We’re a pretty trendy crew here at LMS, so don’t think the subscription service craze has passed us by. Check out our subscription based clients including Daily Harvest, Ollie, Kettlebell Kitchen + Vyne, Little Spoon, Goby and Sustain, and let us know if you’re interested in working with them!

Oh, but wait…we’re not done!

LMS is getting into the box-of-awesome business ourselves! Introducing, DiscoverLMS, an exclusive monthly box of goodies from the top emerging brands, curated especially for influencers. Are you an influencer interested in receiving this box of LMS love each month? Or a brand interested in having your product included? Give us a hoot at

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