Healthy Soil. Fresh Water. Sunlight.

Almost a year of planning.

Story and Photographs by Scott Meivogel.
Published by the Holland Visitors Bureau.
All photographs shot in 2015.

Moving day. The truck, finally packed, was headed south. Well, first we headed north. Eight months earlier, we sold our home in Cleveland, planning to move to West Michigan. However, since we didn’t know exactly where we’d end up, and we were largely unfamiliar with the region, we made the decision to initially rent a summer home that we’d found 35 minutes north of Holland and spend the winter months exploring our options from there.

Tulips ready to bloom at Holland’s City Greenhouse.

In the end, the choice was obvious: our new home — and our new life — would be in Holland. Our homestead would be about one mile from Lake Michigan, just south of Lake Macatawa.

Laketown Township. The perfect location.

Sprouting tulips at Windmill Island.

So in early May we headed south and arrived via River Road, leading us right through the heart of downtown Holland. Our 5 year old daughter couldn’t believe her eyes. Ferris wheels, carnival rides, a rainbow of colors, and people everywhere. “Are we in Holland?” she yells. Indeed we are sweetheart, and we’ve arrived on the first day of the Tulip Time Festival.

Early blooms on East 8th Street in Holland.

The Tulip Time Festival is a week-long event in Holland, attracting thousands of visitors during the first week of May. It’s full of parades, carnivals, events, music, dancing, and of course the star attraction: the beautiful Tulips. However, this is not so much a story about The Festival per se as it is about those tulips: the planning, caring, and execution that goes into growing these special plants, bred exclusively in the Netherlands and grown here in Holland, Michigan. The trail to the perfect tulip is long and winding, and the story begins in…

(to be continued on Tuesday, May 5th…)

Polaroid images taken with an original Polaroid SX70, using film from The Impossible Project. All images were shot on April 25th, 2015.

Scott Meivogel is a photographer living in Holland, Michigan, via Cleveland, Ohio. Scott is a photographer, designer, husband, father, and hopeful homesteader.

He’s made a career of his photography and looks at his new home in West Michigan with endless possibilities, both as a photographer and an explorer.

He and his family raise chickens and grow some of their own food.
He also has too many cameras.

He can be found at www.scottmeivogel.com
Reached at info@scottmeivogel.com

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