[01.5] reminders

i truly wonder what is waiting on the other side…

Purity is… difficult. In many ways, yes, it does get easier the more you practice discipline and good practices and as you become a purer and more-loving self. Yet in many ways, it becomes much, much harder as you encounter new challenges, new temptations, and new dirt inside of yourself.

One and a half months into my new life, I am tired and exhausted. But it’s worth it, or at least I have to remind myself.

I remind myself by looking outward. I look to God and see that He is Love and Purity themselves, and I see His affection for me. I look to the other men who are giving their lives to purity for God’s sake (I know they’re out there, but I have yet to meet a woman struggling with lust). I look to the women in my life and I see within myself a long-built tendency to objectify, and am reminded how much I hate it.


After a brief but tiring trip to and from Seattle, I slipped up in lust. Yes my actions were a result of my own conscious, lustful actions. But they were also a result of my choosing to only get several hours of sleep over the weekend and to not spend the time I usually do with God, and of feeling single-as-can-be in the midst of Valentine’s Day season.

In this wake-up call, I am reminded.

I am reminded that everything has power. Every action, thought, feeling, and word has either power to glorify Christ or to work against His kingdom.

I am reminded that this is a long-term process and that one failure does not send me back to ground zero; one failure does not dictate mine or His success.

I am reminded that I am saved by Grace alone.

We cannot stop now. We will not give up.

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” [Galatians 6:9]