Discovering the Unfathomable Betelgeuse.

This is not a story for the history book or scientific research book reader either. Instead it is an attempt at a fictional book with fictitious elements. I could be proud of this work and say that it is worth looking into, but that would be assuming that I am good at what I do and I doubt that I am as incredible as other, more promising, artists.

Much thought is focused into this artwork. I do agree that novels are a form of art and should be associated with music, especially according to the genre of the book and the genre of the music artist. These two forms of artistry complement each other more than the average person can comprehend.

If you are truly interested in the development of this, possible and hopefully potential, novel, then I would recommend patience as it will take time and extreme editorial skills, as well as maximum cooperation. Also, a follow would be appreciated. Megan Flanagan

I will be, throughout the entire book, quoting the suggested soundtracks to stream while reading, to fully understand and appreciate the scenes.

If my efforts are pure, as I intend them to be, hopefully soon, the first chapter will be published somehow.

I thank you for reading.

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