Tasmania. Who knew?

— Christine Muhlke (USA)

When the world came to dinner in Tasmania as part of Tourism Australia’s global Restaurant Australia campaign, 80 of the world’s leading food influencers paid us a visit.

Here’s just some of what they said…

Image: Pennicott Wilderness Journeys

“A fleet of fast boats took us from Constitution Dock to the sculpture park of MONA, a helicopter hovering overhead and continuously photographing the passage of the fleet. For those sitting outside (I was one foolish enough to do so) it was a freezing trip, the wind blowing from the South Pole into our faces, doubled by the speed of the boats. Those who kept to the safety of the cabins were deprived of a side experience that I will long remember.”

— James Halliday (Australia)

Image: @GoodFoodAU on Instagram

“Well that was the most extraordinary barbecue I have ever had the pleasure of eating wood-grilled lobster at. A quite magical combination of produce, place, people and wine with that unique Australian no-bullshit flavour.”

— Jill Dupleix (Australia)

Image: @neilperryrockpool on Instagram

“No better place than Hobart to hold the event.”

— Neil Perry AM (Australia)

Image: Tourism Australia

“Instead of being seated under a canopy of stars next to Uluru in Australia’s red-desert centre or floating above the Great Barrier Reef surrounded by sea and sun, the guests found themselves dressing for dinner in Hobart, one of the country’s least-visited capitals. They could hardly have missed the message. This is the Australia few foreigners ever see.”

— Adam Liaw (Australia)

“The choice of Tasmania was perfect and also a little of a paradox because even Aussies themselves have always defined it as Australia’s best kept secret, and for this very reason something that needs to be unveiled with care.”

— Paulo Marchi (Italy)

Image: Chris Crerar

“Here, reality is more exciting than fantasy. It outstrips all my experiences in the globe’s gourmet capitals. It is an indescribable spectacular ‘dinner’, which stretches over 15 miles (yes!) and nine blissed-out hours.

This epic Epicurean odyssey is the greatest of all seductions… pampers all our senses, teases our intellect, blows our mind, blurs boundaries between art, science, elegant indoors and the great Australian outdoors and yet, ‘Restaurant Australia’ calls it a ‘dinner’.”

— Rashmi Uday Singh (India)

Image: Adam Gibson

“I have never experienced a banquet as successful on a purely gastronomic level as the one prepared by Ben Shewry, Neil Perry and Peter Gilmore at MONA in Tasmania. It was really interesting, really well-made. It could not have been better.”

— A. A. Gill (United Kingdom)

Image: Westerway Raspeberry Farm, Annie Gattenby

“I am breathing clear air, drinking pure water, eating excellent farm produce and most importantly, meeting people. People here have a true love of their land, no matter where they originally came from. it is the sense of identity which makes this island magical, creative and culturally strong.”

— Ying Chai Au Yeung (Hong Kong)

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