Key Stakeholders To Benefit From Partnership with Discover X

Innovation, as defined by the Oslo Manual, is the implementation of a novel product or process for business purposes. Collaboration ensures speed in innovating by enhancing the implementation of innovative ideas and solutions. Risk sharing amongst a group of actors to produce innovation is another advantage of collaboration.

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A new concept called Open Innovation, which is defined as a firm's use and adoption of external knowledge to accelerate internal innovation, is gaining popularity and acceptance in the business world. …

What Nigeria’s Financial Sector Stands to Gain by Leveraging Blockchain Technology

You probably know that Nigeria’s financial sector is one of the most regulated sectors in the country. Financial regulation is needed to set rules and standards for adherence by financial institutions and to monitor their compliance to these rules for the stability of the market and the protection of consumers.

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In a bid to transform Nigeria’s financial sector into a catalyst for growth in order to achieve the vision of making Nigeria one of the twenty largest economies by 2020, key regulators of the Nigerian financial system developed a strategy called the Financial System Strategy (FSS) 2020. …


Africa’s Biggest, Largest Hackathon

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Discover X event is a solution-driven initiative which represents the kind of creativity that is critical to today’s organizations. It is an event that seeks to source for solutions to emerging market problems through innovation driven hackathons, using three main technologies;

• Blockchain

• Artificial Intelligence


A major objective of this project is to expand Africa’s audience on a global scale and position Africa as the leading platform for generating tech based solutions in the world. …


Discover X

On a mission to better the world by sourcing for disruptive solutions through hackathon

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