We all have different motivations and mindsets for working. But we all work because work provides us with something we need (or want). Some work to pursue their crazy passions, others work for professional prestige. Some work for cash money, others work to feel as if they are contributing to something larger than themselves #millennial #idealist #me.

But how many of us have really taken the time to reflect and understand what our motivations for work are? How many of us have taken the time to build our recipe for GREAT work? (not me… until recently)

Building clarity on who…

Today’s ramblings take us down the well-trodden path of work-life balance. As with my previous posts, this blog is less about me sharing anything particularly “new” and more a mechanism for me (and hopefully others) to understand how different people approach different life questions.

Today’s question on “how we spend our time” feels like a big one!

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives” Annie Dillard

Caveat: Whenever I get the urge to write about a topic I know that Maria Popova at Brain Pickings has already done a far better job of creating something insightful to share with the world… Case in point!

“The equilibrium between…

Most of the stories we hear about “unlocking potential” are those of rags to riches, zero to hero, corporate-slave to craft-beer, financial services to social services, near-death to real-life… These are stories of truly amazingly individuals who have moved mountains to get to where they are today. They are “inspirational”… They pump us up, stimulate us, make us feel aroused.

However, for me, a few hours later this stimulation subsides and we are often left with little… It might be an issue of relatability — maybe I can’t relate with the rags to riches story, or maybe whilst these stories…

So last time we landed at the lofty conclusion that the purpose of ones’ life is to “feel good” in the moment. Be it laughing with friends, serving others, shaping our world, fostering relationships, Netflix and chill… Do what makes youfeel good” and prioritise your finite time on this planet to cultivate as much of this juicy “goodness” in each moment. Simples!

Or, depending on your situation and circumstance this might sound incredibly trivial, massively idealistic, or perhaps widely unpractical…

From my perspective, where I am sitting right now it just sounds INCREDIBLY HARD!

Some of the questions whirling…

Today’s ramblings take’s us down a question of MAMMOTH proportions…

What is the purpose of life? Why are you here? What is the meaning of this thing we call life?

Feels like a big one for a Tuesday morning. I have just finished an extra-large bowl of porridge… Let’s see where the journey takes us!

Urgh… But what is the point of asking such a difficult question?

This is how I am feeling 2 hours later after googling “what is the purpose of life”. …

So I have been asking some questions recently… It’s about to get deep!

What race am I running? What does “success” look like for me?

How do I design my life for “happiness”? How does my career fit into all this?

How do I set the bar-high whilst enjoying the journey? How do I balance my “dreams” with the reality of today’s world?

Am I a dog chasing my own tail? Am I seeking something that just doesn’t exist?

Fundamentally… WHO AM I?!

Sounds like I am having an existential crisis?

Not quite… Wikipedia is telling me that “an existential crisis is a…

Benjamin Lane

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